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Is Elementalist Desired for Fractal & Raid Groups

Hi everyone, I have a level 80 Elementalist that I never geared past what I used while leveling. I researched a bit on builds for Elementalist and looked on the forums how people feel about Elementalist and it seems like the profession has great potential for DPS but many people feel it's not the best at DPS for fractals & raids and does not fulfill any other role very well. Is this true? I was thinking of playing my Elementalist more but I wanted to ask if I tried to join PUG groups for fractals & raids, would people desire another profession instead? Thanks.


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    Ele is great as a dps for fractal and raids.
    Weaver can reach top DPS, but its not simple to play.
    Tempest can now get quite high dps while also providing some support for the group.

    Ele can also be a great healer, mostly used for raids and other game mode (WvW).

    I've played ele since the start of the game and it has been a long time (years!) since anyone complained about my class choice or didn't want me in the group.

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    You will only face one problem with Ele after this patch; zerg'ing in WvW and it's not because Ele is bad, it's that there are better fits in terms of ease and group utility yet great results.

    In PvE fractals it's meta as a Sword Weaver, and Tempest might get closer to meta with this patch - especially for pugs. Same goes for raids, but not all classes fit in all raids; you will be a high DPS-no utility, a bit less DPS-good utility, support-utility - the first 2 are Weaver and Tempest as DPS respectively and they see high play, with support Tempest a bit behind because it's only a secondary healer (if only it can give offensive buffs). The rotations are easily learnt (If you're familiar with weaver, its rotation won't take much time) and you will be hitting an acceptable number in the end, it's just that mastering it for those extra 3-4k that might take some time. You are so squishy though, so positioning is crucial sometimes.

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