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Rate my FB build

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edited July 18, 2019 in Guardian

Hello there, i used to play using the build Lord Hizen made for open world wich was made as a meta event soloer build

, unfortunally the build as he made it is no longer viable thanks to the nerfs to concentration sigil and Righteous Instincts.

I been trying to come up with an alternative build that allows me to reach similar stats to Hizen´s, but recovering some of the lost crit % and i came up with this alternative wich i was hoping i could get some suggestions or opinions about

This is the original build by Lord Hizen: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vVEQNArdRnsAD97gFBDuCBEEhl4BzqEkviU7v0baPtKA0AqXA-jBCGQBLS9HAeGAqiSQA8IAUiyP0t/wZ0EYH9AAA-e

This is the alternative version i made using valk and knight stats wich while it loses about 700 toughness and 30% ferocity, it gains a bit more power, higher health, and 35% crit wich raises up to 90% crit chance with fury, righteous instincts and Radiant power: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vVEQNArdRnsAD97gFBDuCBEEhl4BrKA0AqXWlg8Vka/leT7pA-jxBBQB8b/BA8EA2j+gLp+TkUCSxTBQXU+BA-e

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