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Fireside [Home]
We used to raid with a mix of guildmates and other friends, which lead to a full squad but not really the feeling of an actual team.
So now we are looking for some friendly people to form a more static team.

About us:

  • Currently 35 members in the guild but some are very inactive
  • Four of us are actively raiding every week (so we are looking for 6 more people)
  • We have between 250 and 900 LI
  • We used to raid every Friday evening but that will most likely change and the new date will be whatever fits everyone the best
  • While we mainly raid, we are also up for anything else if there is demand

About you:

  • Knowledge about the encounters in w1-4 (preferred)
  • Knowledge about the encounters in w5-7 (optional)
  • Be eager to play multiple roles (build wise as well as mechanic wise) (required)
  • You can play whatever you want (as long as it gets the job done)
  • Experimental builds and theory crafting are welcome
  • Be willing to talk in voice chat with us (highly recommended)
  • Be interested in raiding regularly on a long-term basis (required)

    Note: Your raid experience is not that important as long as you are friendly and can learn relatively fast. We are willing to teach you everything you need to know.

In Game: Sleider.6184
Discord: Sleider#3812

In Game: ikn.4972
Discord: ikn#7442


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