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[NA]Returning player for a Semi casual guild.

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Hey Beautiful people.
I'm Shennachie. I'm a Nerco don't hate, I'm fabulous! >.<
ANYWHO I recently came back this week from a 5 month break. I went back to black desert online and how can say it.... it was not my cup of tea when it came to the community.
I'm looking for PvE/PvX guild that is a small or medium size guild. I'm looking a friendly, non toxic and looking forward to meeting new people. i'm also looking for a guild that has daily or weekly events and active community in discord or voice program with Voice chat.
I have done teir 3 and once on teir 4. I am willing to learn raids once i get into the groove of things again.

if you think im a great fit for your guild, please you message me @ Fayiola.7608 or discord Shennachie#7051.
Thanks ^_^

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