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Veteran looking for guild (EU) (PvX*)

Hi, I'm looking for a casual/semi-casual guild on the EU servers to socialize and group up with.
I'd like to try out raids, I don't have experience with raids yet but I'm looking to get more into this gamemode, I have my DH set up as pDps according to the guides I found online.

At the moment my main interests are:
WvW (Heal Scrapper/Power Scourge/Support FB)
PvE (Mainly T4 fractals)
PvP (Haven't done much PvP lately, I play bunker FB and am usually in lower plat or top gold tiers)

I prefer a smaller but social guild over a mass guild where I just seem like a face in the crowd.
I'm willing to transfer servers (EU) if there is an organized WvW aspect to the guild.

Cheers! :)

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