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Looking for an Up to Date Greatsword/Staff Mirage build

I'm a new player and deliberately playing my char. from 1-80 the long way to learn properly.
Of course, I want a good, strong build to aim for and have fun with! Here's the one I found on Meta battle that I like the sound of the most, The GS/Staff variant mentioned in the notes.
Mirage - Staff/Staff Infinite Horizon
Must-haves: GS/Staff, Mirage, Sylvari(Thought I should mention race, just in case)
But I Realise that this may not be updated enough so thought I would ask for any advice or help/tips, so I can pre-plan and work towards it.
Thank you for reading, B


  • Opopanax.1803Opopanax.1803 Member ✭✭✭✭

    You won't be able to unlock mirage until you hit 80 and have Path of Fire.

    The best idea is to go with the same core traits as the Meta build, but replace Mirage with some other core line until you hit 80.

    Have fun!

  • Thank you splurged out on HoT and PoF, so looking forward to it all :)

  • Still open to any other ideas, tips Etc. :)

  • Jables.4659Jables.4659 Member ✭✭

    For leveling up a Mesmer the old fashioned way your best bet is to run something along the lines of Greatsword Sword/Sword or Greatsword Sword/Focus with Domination, Dueling, Illusions. Gear up with full Berserker (Power Precision Ferocity) and learn how to dodge. If you're going with offhand sword you'll have more damage but lose access to your pull as well as swiftness outside of Signet of Inspiration.

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