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Make Chrono Great Again

Ni In.6578Ni In.6578 Member ✭✭✭

Chrono is now ded in WvW. It is, at most, a pull bot and a veil bot. Pulls are situational and scrapper outclasses mesmer for stealth.

Bring back shatter without clones.

Bring back SoI boon application.

Bring back distortion share.

Make Chrono Great Again, ANet. You can do it, we believe.

Start paying attention to what you're doing to classes in WvW. We hear all the time about class diversity this, class diversity that. Well, there is no diversity in WvW for mesmer. Chrono was a staple for organized zergs at one point. Then it became a couple per zerg, commander included. Now it isn't even useful for commanders to run.

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  • Vincenzo.3145Vincenzo.3145 Member ✭✭✭
    edited July 23, 2019

    ^ this

    Chrono pre-SoI nerf was why I played this game. There was no other class that could focus on utility and buffs amongst the modern MMOs. The closest thing I had to EQ Enchanter that wasn't in EQ. A niche that no longer exists. The CC utility buffer. Now it's just something I just wanna forget about.

  • Phit.3560Phit.3560 Member ✭✭

    ^ I'm in the exact same boat for the exact same reason.

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