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Why are OCE Players getting routed through Scandinavian Isps?


  • Monimon.6710Monimon.6710 Member ✭✭

    Maybe ask your ISP ? Don´t thing A-Net has power over how you are routed to their Servers.

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  • TinkTinkPOOF.9201TinkTinkPOOF.9201 Member ✭✭✭

    That routing is done by whoever provides the backbone for your ISP, and local will be your ISP's choice. Any routing that happens outside of anets servers, which in this case are AWS servers, is out of their control.

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  • mercury ranique.2170mercury ranique.2170 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I am sorry to hear you have this issue. A few things to do or do not in thus situation.
    1: do not assume everyone has the same issue or that Arenanet can do anything about it. This issue is primarly your ISP's issue (although, as explained it is atually a supplier for your ISP and in some cases it might have to do with a specific service from your ISP, some ISP's have a different backbone suppliers for mobile connections, copper wired connections and optical fiber connections).
    2: Do expect your ISP's customer service to blaim it on Arenanet (or Amazon, who is the server supplier for Arenanet, if they did some investigation). This is what they are thaught and they do not know better.
    3: Do note your ISP name here. Others with the same ISP can react to pinpoint this issue further.
    4: Do create a support ticket. They can not fix it for you, but they can assist you, for example, by making a group complaint at your ISP of multiple customers having this issue. they can help you getting it fixed.

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