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Tips and suggestion for beating a good condi mirage as a weaver or spellbreaker

I have a lot of trouble fighting them it's either loss or a draw as both a weaver and spellbreaker and of course i'm new. Pls if you could tell me the most important skills to save my dodge for. Also i'm using fire trait and not water for more dps. This might also be a problem


  • Auburner.6945Auburner.6945 Member ✭✭✭

    Cleanse one by one, don't let condis stack up on you, 5+ is a lot for confusion, 10 for torment puts you at an immob. state because you might die if you move. Both Fire and Water variants have enough cleanses vs most mirages.

    If they are running Staff, don't ever stand inside the chaos field, try avoiding the field at all costs, unless they are really out of tricks and you're going for the kill.

    If they are running pistol, try evading the projectiles, they have an easily recognizable sound and are not that fast, yet stack lots of condis.

    Look out for Mirage Cloak, especially that Infinite Horizon makes all the illusions hit as the Mirage does. When you see Mirage Cloak, even if not the real Mesmy, be ready to dodge or cleanse.

    Try your best at focusing the real Mirage, they are the ones with the buffs, long duration boons and unpredictable movement, no illusion would run away from you for example. If they are mostly running ranged weapons, staying in their melee range would make them panic. Mirage struggles with heavy condi pressure if they can't keep distance and Fire weaver has a cancerous Burning application.

    On Fire variant, you have a projectile reflection on Earth #4 if you're panicking then it can easily obliterate all the Mirage's illusions, it can cleanse condis as well (the cleanse is when you literally have no way out of condi pressure).

    Use terrains to your advantage, especially vs staff/pistol/gs.

    If the Mirage is running Axe or Sword, careful for the Mirage Cloak as you will either get hit by tons of conditions or dazes till you die.

    As a weaver, you have an acceptable AoE radius to clear an illusion or two with Fire #2 and Earth #2. Water #2 and Earth #2 are great for evading projectiles beside nice heals.

    Don't panic if conditions piled up. For a weaver, Confusion is really broken, so try limiting your choices to cleanses when when you're hit by this condition, or run away while keeping an eye until you can reset; that is if Torment doesn't/barely exist(s).

    Last, Mirage is less susceptible to mistakes which puts a weaver's mistake at a more punishing level. They also have great mobility, so you won't always kill them.

    It can be a 50/50 vs condi Mirage. Against Power however, you won't have much room for mistake because of GS range and Infinite Horizon + the insane burst... and weaver lacks ranged options for that so Power would have the upper hand as long as they have distance; and they can create it easily.

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    For a Warrior, all I know is that Mirage has the upper hand unless it's a great Warrior, then it would be an endless fight. The only time a Warrior would beat a Mirage, it will be the one that can't create distance when they have the tools for it.

    Keep in mind that Mirage can run absorption sigil and they can daze a lot, based on it, your 25 Might stacks as a weaver/SpB might be your own killer.

    Pull the strings. Watch them dance.

  • Megametzler.5729Megametzler.5729 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Generally, fire loses to CI mirage assuming equal skill level - that might change a little when the stab bug gets fixed, but right now, the CCs are too much. He can abuse range and you don't have enough gap closers, he can save his main defenses for when you activate glyph and tend to overextend.

    But let me add a couple of suggestions:

    • Do not take the duels. If you can avoid it somehow, do it. Try it once, if you see he has the upper hand, go somewhere else (he might try to hunt you though, so ask for help from warrior/thief/whatever).

    • Try to bait out his defenses. Chaos storm and Distortion have longish CDs, wait for your burst when he goes to scepter - but not immediately, because he will most likely use the block immediately, to get it twice before being able to weapon switch again.

    • If you manage to stack some burns, he will most likely use Arcane Thievery. Ususally you cannbot avoid this, because he will try to bait your dodges, immobilize you or something, but if you are quick enough or lucky, use an evade chain or earth 5. Depends on your current attunement situation of course.

    • What absolutely to avoid:

    1. Clones running at you (might be baiting out with F1, but... well, F2 hits hard).
    2. Ambush skills, especially from staff. Big shiney purple globes.
    3. If you can, pistol skills. He might prepare those with daze-immobilizes though.
    • When he is on range, kill clones and try to decap and then leave the point and go somewhere else.

    The whole situation might change, once the stability bug is fixed. Then his instant dazes from the Mantra will not permanently hit you, immobilize you and stack conditions. Until then, CI is almost a hard counter to fire weaver and water can only stall them - often getting the point in the long run though, because mirage might need to use Distortion or range from time to time.

    €: About warrior: The current meta strength warrior has indeed problems with mirage. You might want to try a more traditional, defensive dagger variant according to your and your enemy's team comp.

  • Zhaid Zhem.6508Zhaid Zhem.6508 Member ✭✭✭
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    Range / 360 radius attacks.

    You're often stuck in water/air to cleanse conditions; try to evaluate the dangerousness of your conditions instead of cleanse them one by one, break the loop and attack with fire.
    Depends of you weapon, but cleave clones/fantasm to lessen f1-f4 skills.

    With sword you have #2 air and fire, but he has more kites, blinks, teleports, stealth etc, than you have closegaps... It's really hard to stick a mirage (or thief) with sword.
    With dagger mainhand, you can shot in the dark, and with range and radius you'll hit him anyway + chill, cripple, more cc (schoking aura, mude slide ...) they'll panic long before you do.
    Scepter is good too, but a good scepter build without being glass ... hmmmmmm, even that you won't have an efficient burst to kill a traiblazer fast enough.

  • Umbralpixel.9305Umbralpixel.9305 Member ✭✭
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    Thank you very much for your advice. They were all exceptional. Gonna reference to this thread quite a bit TY

  • spectrito.8513spectrito.8513 Member ✭✭✭

    Personally i run water/arcane S/D with sage and a cleansing sigil when i know will face a CI mirage, lots of cleanses + decente damage

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