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Synergy between Tempest's Shocking Aura and Sigil of Severance: Under What Circumstances?

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I just noticed that, with Unstable Conduit and Fresh Air, it is possible to generate Shocking Aura at a quite frequent rate. This could have great synergy combined with Sigil of Severance, which provides 250 bonus precision and ferocity upon interrupting an opponent.

Now, Shocking Aura only applies the stunning effect after incoming attack/damage is done, so to proc on interruption, the incoming attack must be a channeled skill that attacks at melee range multiple times within its span. For general player vs player scenario, I can think of some circumstances (reference) that this could act as a countermeasure. However, for PvE I can hardly think of any.

And therefore here goes my question: is there at all any practicality of such synergy in general PvE content? Just anything—world bosses, dynamics events, meta farms, or any particular fight.

PS A minor correction here: it does not necessarily have to be a channeled skill in order to proc on interruption, but just any skill that attacks multiple times in a row. Examples are Unrelenting Assault and Surge of the Mists.


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    In order for it to proc you need to be hit and it has to happen in melee range which is not something you want to do on glass ele. And even if it happens, it doesnt guarantee an interrupt, especially in pve because mobs attack rather slowly. Sigils of force+impact would have more reliable and higher...impact.

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