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Looking for an RP Group/RP Guild

Hi! To anyone reading this, are there any RP Groups/RP Guilds recruiting and wouldn't mind teaching someone the basics to it? I'm entirely new to RP in GW2, and I'm hoping to make a few friends through it! I'm open for any type of RP, my one exception being ERP. I have a little bit of experience with RP through Discord, but this is whole new territory for me, RPing in-game and all.
A few characters I'd hope to use, if that helps at all (Both are level 80.):

  • Juniper Urgo, Human Ranger.
  • Aeddian, Sylvari Elementalist.
    I'm on Jade Quarry (NA.) Thank you! :3


  • I hope you find what you are looking for. I’m looking for an all Charr Warband for the same thing you seek.

  • Have you tried the Guild Wars 2 roleplayers forum? Plenty of role play guilds there, and a good place to meet other role players. Good luck!

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