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Easy Condition Weaver Build


Sorry for my poor English. and this is my first time to post something.

i just want to introduce my condi build for PVP.
this build is very powerful and EASY(which is very important).
the most important thing of this build is, "you can beat OTHER CLASS."


  • weapons: Sword / Focus
  • sigils: courage / agony
  • Rune : undead
  • Amulet: Carrion
  • Specializations:

    Fire: 1-1-2
    Arcane: 2-2-1
    Weaver: 3-3-3

  • Utilities: Twist of fate, Stone Resonance, Primordial Stance

  • Healing: Signet of restoration
  • Elite: Weave self

Rotations: ( which is really important. )

start with "Polaric Leap", before going in, tap Primordial Stance and Stone Resonance.
after attack, do Flame Uprising, Twist of Fate or switch to Earth, and tap Earthen Vortex and so on.

i mean, we have lots of dodge skill in skill bar with S/F.

you just dodge all attack in front of your foe while your generating of condition damage.

this is very simple.
but if the foe does not have condition cleanse enough, he will die before your skill run out.


  • Flame Uprising( Fire 2 ) -> this is very good skill to make condition damage. use it every cool down.
  • FIRE 5 -> you do not need to break fire aura soon. let him to attack to aura ( keep dodge )
  • Earth 2 -> this is dodge skill.
  • Lava skin -> use this in front of foe, and keep dodge.
  • Earth 5 -> just Great Skill of Us. use this and just stick with your foe.
  • Gale Strike -> aim this. if hit, making free time to shower your condition damages.

i wish you enjoy our weaver.
i love weaver.


  • Megametzler.5729Megametzler.5729 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Appreciate your post and welcome to the forums! :smiley:

    The build seems to be a variant of the current fire weaver build. I myself am playing it with Deadshot or Rabid for the burns on crit to troll until Anet fixes the stab bug. This would make Rune of the Undead better, benefiting from the 6th bonus.

    Your description of the playstyle is a little short and simplified, but I guess that's all good for a first post! :+1:

  • thanks for reply!

    YES, this is variant of fire weaver. but more defensive.

    The point is , fire weaver cannot win necromancers, ( if you have higher PS, you can maybe)

    but with this build, you can win.
    if necromancers think "oh, here ele comes! they feed me!", we can easily kill him with this build, while using Earth 5.
    and actually, we can kill guardians using trap skill.

    thanks a lot.

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