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What if the female charr enslaved the male charr 200 years before guild wars 2

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(Note much of what you read is only a guess what could have happen or even changed in the charr legions History you can question it, and just take with a grain of salt do not take super serious.)

The titled says it all 40 years after Guild Wars 1 200 years before Guild Wars 2 Kalla scorchrazor grandcub of Pyre Fierceshot trained her charr war sisters in the four Legions in secret to fight so they could be free to fight with their war brothers once more and be treated as equals, and no longer be just labor workers, and mate slaves to the male charr. In our guild wars real history Kalla was able to free her sisters in the end even though cost Kalla her life.
But what if Kalla scorchrazor and all the female charr's trust, belief, and dreams that all charr could be war brothers, and sisters was shaken, broken and shattered by both the male charr determination not to let female charr be allowed to fight, and by treachery from the Flame Legion?

In this timeline Kalla Scorchrazor (as in the regular one) leads a massive army of female charr and male charr who sided with the same promise that If the rebels Legions could see their way fit to allowing the females to fight beside them, they could effectively double their numbers overnight. This would give them the soldiers they needed to be able to overwhelm the shamans and their magic. And, eventually, the human kingdoms as well.

Of course many charr having grown up with their females in servitude to them for centuries, though, many of the male charr were reluctant to go against this 'tradition'. They argued that the females had stayed at home for too long and were no longer suited for the battlefield—if they ever had been. (The female charr had fought with the male charr before the flame Legion took over, flame legion destroyed or hid their history.) To counter this argument, Scorchrazor threw down a challenge before her detractors. The most important of these was Forge Ironstrike, the imperator of the Iron Legion, and he agreed to meet her in single combat. If she could defeat him, he would acknowledge that female charr were just as qualified to become soldiers as the males. Otherwise, he would kill her as an example to the other females who were confused about their places.

The battle took place in the ruins of Rin, the old human capital of Ascalon, which the charr have now restored as the Black Citadel. The imperators of the Blood and Ash Legions stood as seconds. Blood backed its daughter Scorchrazor, while Ash sided with Iron. Scores of others watched, from the highest tribune all the way down to the lowliest gladium. Scores of charr came to watch the battle in the ruined arena in Rin. The two warriors were well matched. As a male of the race, Ironstrike was the larger and stronger of the two, but Scorchrazor was by far the faster and more skilled. In our time Kalla outwitted and outmatched Forge Ironstrike, she still dose.

But this where the timeline diverges Forge Ironstrike very angry that he lost, dose not honor the promise deal, for female charr to be aloud to fight again as equals with male charr. Blood Legion's male charr imperator shockley then announces that he never supported Kalla either, in truth the three male charr imperators of the legions decided to not honor the promise terms instead decided in this timeline, if Kalla somehow won the fight then that in order to keep female charr from being aloud to fight, was to simply just not honor the promise, but also the three shared in oath to deny Kalla, and all female charr the right to be aloud to fight and they announced it that so long as they have their way no female charr will ever be aloud to fight or be equals to them, as long as they draw breath.

Kalla was horrified and shocked, along with all the hundreds and thousands of female charr. Kalla shouted out why? Why would they lie to her that they keep their word and not honor the agreements. One of the male charr imperators says the three of them shared in oath to deny Kalla and all female charr the right to be aloud to fight and they announced it that so long as they have their way no female charr will never be aloud to fight or be equals to them weather Kalla won the fight or not they never planed to honor the promise.
Then all female charr who are confused or in Kalla's army are told they are to return to their duties and any who resist, refuse, or even follow Kalla will be punished harshly.
Suddenly Kalla is booed by male charr who shout she should go kill herself, they curse her name, and her sire Pyre, and start throwing stuff at her to get out the arena. (the aim is humiliate Kalla and discredit her and drive Kalla to kill herself) Kalla is sort of crying, after fleeing the Black citadel to somewhere outside of it, with her female charr army who flee with her along with all the male charr in Kalla's army abandoning her. The female charr in Kalla's personal army have are at lost many are full of grief and crying bitterly, others are very angry that the male charr impertors lied to them and to Kalla. All female charr are angry and confused why did the male charr leaders and their own war brothers lie? Why are they so hellbent on not letting them fight? Kalla meanwhile with her warband mates Era Breakrazor, Jaz Razorclaw (centurion) Kus Darkrazor, Visk Icerazor unable to help their war sister do accept but listen to Kalla cry bitterly in a tent. Kalla at this point is thinking and asking her self so many questions while crying, and suffers mentally and dose think about killing herself.

But then the next day something comes over her Kalla Scocrhrzaor changes. With Kalla's faith, trust, and dreams that male charr could be their war brothers, and equals broken; Kalla then stands before her followers and declares all male charr as unfit to stand as equals with female charr, if they won't accept female charr as their war sisters then they will make the male charr pay for chooseing to go against them, and make all male charr their slaves just as male charr enslaved them and abused their mothers and grandmothers for 200 years. The male charr feel all high and mighty,and great about hurting them, kitten them, abusing them, killing them for every wrong doing no matter small or big it is; then the female charr will do the same to them but far worse then what the Flame Legions male shamans and male charr in all legions did to them.
(The charr who become the olmamokan by the way are already on their way out of Ascalon, and just as they feared they believe Kalla is doomed to lose and believe they are right.)
All female charr at this point with Kalla and everywhere the charr call home are angry and bitter at the male charr, all female charr agree the male charr are never going to free them or see them as equals, so they will make them their slaves just as they enslaved them. (Also the female charr population is very massive they out number the male charr cause the male charr have been fighting far to many wars against the humans of Ascalon lost hundreds of thousands of male charr troops in kytra and in Orr and came back with a racktack defeat army of male charr who were at a lost on how they lost so much , and in part thanks to the shamans and to many male charr having petty rival in fighting against each other. The male charr in all four legions do not relize how much they angered the female charr and how outnumbered they are. Kalla and the female charr train more angry female charr in secret that soon nearly all female charr are ready to overthrow the male charr. Meanwhile the three male charr imperatour's to attempt to fight the Flame Legion alone on the plains of Plains of Golghein. Kalla had also had connects with the female charr in flame Legion whom were just as equal angry and wanted their freedoms unlike the other three legions are gifted with the power of magic and so in secert they to ready themselves for battle eager for revenge against the male charr shamans who abused them so much.

The three Legions male charr leaders of Blood Iron and Ash are more willing to instead surrender to the flame Legion as they are to evenly matched and the fear of losing is a possibility, added Flame Legion was still to powerful and that they lacked the numbers to scare the Flame Legion's leader to want to surrender. The massive female charr army under Kalla Scrochrazor arrived, Kalla demanded the surrender of the Flame Legion, who mocked her of course and did not take the danger seriously after all male charr did not believe any female charr knew how to fight, and it be an easy win. But when Kalla and her army attacked the Flame Legion then saw they were surrounded by the massive army of female charr to little to late. The battle is fierce but onesided as the Flame Legion is attack from all four sides and overwhelmed and all male charr in the Flame Legion are slaughtered to the last by the female charr of all four legions with a fury not seen before, the male charr and the shamans of Flame Legion are killed in ways to horrifying to describe but enough to make one vomit as many male charr killed slowly by angry female charr who had been waiting a very long time to get back at the Flame Legion youcan imagine how their are male charr who may be faced with a female charr he may have kitten, abuse very eager to inflict pain on him in a horrible way.

By the end of the Battle not one male charr in Flame Legion on the plains of Golghein has escaped, or is alive, many of the dead male charr have the look of shock and fear. As for the male charr of Blood, Iron, and Ash, well they are force to surrender or risk suffering the same fate as the flame Legions male charr, of course Kalla has a score to settle with the Impertor especially with Forge Ironstrike, who is sort of begging and apologizing to Kalla, who however instead of killing Forge, and the Ash, and backstabbing Blood Imperator herself she lets her many charr war sisters do it, who are all to eager to do just that. (Also the chosen male charr who stayed as allies to Kalla and refuse to give up on her are considered the only male charr friends that can be trusted, all other male charr are seen as possible traitors who would try and force the female charr to be slaves again.) All across the charr lands the female charr populations had rose against the male charr and overwhelmed their male charr rulers. Kalla and the female charr then impose a new set of rules that is to keep male charr from being top leaders, all male charr are only able to be soldiers, and slave workers. Note the female charr still do manual labor as well, only difference is the male charr are abused by the female charr task masters, who are happy to mistreat the male charr and force them to even work to death.

In the aftermath and years falling Kalla Scorchrazor's and the female charr's take over of the Legions, the female charr built a new socity among all the legions, Kalla is the new Khan-ur, Kalla makes sure that the female charr controlled Legions are united and has a new system that won't break apart, and Khan-Ur can only now maybe challenged if the Khan-Ur is only supporting one Legion on purpose, is not a Leader who suppose to unite all Legions and tries to divide them, and or attempts to bring them into the worship of false gods. (Unless its the true God of the charr race which has yet to even reval him or herself.) The Legions are to have a different military and ecomince structure that won't collepese in on itself and is united not divided into citystates with their own little kingdom that trys to undermine the leadership of the Khan-Ur. Blood Legion trains male and female charr to fight for all the Legions, Iron Legion Invents techonlogy, forges better armor, and creates powerful weapons for all the Legions, Ash Legions trains charr in using stealth and shadow arts, and infiltration, and assassination. (male charr are not aloud to learn any of the ways of Ash Legion, cause female charr want to make sure male charr are never able to plan any uprisings in secert without them knowing.) The Magic Legion trains charr in the use of learning how to use and control their magical powers n whatever class they have picked.

Only female charr can be leaders, male charr are side noted to low ranks only and have to obey female charr commaders only very trusted male charr are aloud to be leaders, just the same all male charr in leadership postions are always watched by Ash Legion female charr. The flame Legion is rename the Magic Legion as all female charr in this Legion will versed in the ways of magic.

All four Legions female charr have a different treatment to how they treat male charr rumors, and comfirmed repots among the humans of Ascalon in Ebonhawk report that the treatment of male charr is considered barbric and morbid.

All female charr know how to fight and work but they force the male charr to learn how to do both on pain of death, cause if they do not then get punished.
Blood Legion female charr force male charr into hard long hours of training to fight in their armies with the female charr. All male charr are told they are excecpted to die fighting for the Khan-Ur and for the Legions, male charr in the Blood Legion are required to fight to the death if need be cause if they do not die fighting, and or they run away from combat or even surrender they will get a punishment worse then death, which is becoming a living test dummy tied to a pole, for female charr to pratice fighting, young female charr are taught how use a weapon by female adult charr on these poor male charr, the female charr teachers enjoy making these male charr suffer, and young female charr in training are often a little to joyful in praticing on living male charr. This is the worse punishment a male charr can face in Blood Legion but its bad if the female charr trainer need volunteers and when they ask a group of male charr will you know no male charr wants to step foward so a male charr is picked sometimes at random but depending if he really loyal to the female charr controled Legions, and to the female charr Khan-ur. Male charr are picked if they are disloyal to the Legions, insulted a female charr officer, or even the slighest wrong that offended a female charr, male charr who face this often hope its not them who will get volunteered. Male charr who surive this are often seen with scars many which do not fully heal without healing magic from female charr healers. In time male charr are able to return to their duties but tramizited somewhat of what they had to go though.
The lightest punishment is being force to work long hours as a labor worker in any type of work, half the male charr however after learning how to fight are required to work in labor duites from handling the cattle, mining, lumbering and other labor duites, if a male charr is being punished then he is force to work even if he is tried, and often till they are broken. Male charr in this Legion die the slowest unless its in battle as female Blood Legion charr drag the deaths of male charr out longer then the other Legions do.

Iron Legion's female charr treat male charr semi better in Iron that male charr have a chance to advance as Leader even if he under watch by Ash Legion female charr, but the catch is a male charr in Iron Legion dies the fastest. Male charr are forced to test dangeous untested inventions and weapons of all sorts, the worse case is when a female charr trainer or inventor (who may look and sound insane with a crazy smile.) says she needs a volunteer which unlike the slow dragged out death in Blood Legion is a death sentence, as male charr who get punished or volunteered by female charr are used as target practice by female charr learning how to use guns, cannons, mortars and other powerful and dangerous weapons tests male charr do get to run around and dodge the attacks but that dose not mean they always come out of it in one piece male charr, many male charr who survive are traumatized, and badly shaken, if they lost a limb some commit suicide others die from their wounds as getting hit by something bigger then a bullet leaves them bleeding to death.
A lighter punishment is that male charr are force to work long hours in any number of Labor works depending on what they did to get themselves into trouble or if a female charr just wants a male charr to be punished for offending her or threatening her.

What Ash Legion female charr do to their male charr is mostly rumors but its no less better then Iron and Blood Legion charr. The few reports that do explain report that the Male charr in Ash Legion look like they saw a ghost, they are scared, and jumpy, and often sound insane, mentioning how in the training and or punishment camps in wherever Ash Legion's female charr live at, male charr from Ash Legion if they can be believe and understood from their ramblings were force volunteered by creepy giggling Ash Legion female charr trainers to be used as target practice for female charr learning their stealth shadow attacks in a dark maze where their is so little light, a male charr groups are given nothing but a torches to light their way and is force to endure attacks from Ash Legions female charr, sometimes you'll hear a male charr screaming in agony, which singles that the poor male charr got caught by a bunch of female charr. You giggling as female charr prey on sanity of the male charr, and even say creepy scaring things that makes one scared, Male charr groups often lose almost all male charr in the groups in these training mazes sometimes a male charr loses it and runs blinding in the dark and then you'll just hear him scream in terror, or you not hear anything and just find his dead body. You never want to run into Ash Legion female charr thier is no way to say it accept if you see one standing down a hallway part of the maze with a blank look or an insane smile..... run, of course some male charr say when they tried to run they somehow ran into that same female charr and do not know how they go away others say that they saw one of their buddies run ino a female charr and the torchs went out and when they go the light back on the female charr and the male charr were both gone like ghosts. Oh and if you get conrer at a dead end of the maze god help you. Many male charr who had survived this look horrified and scared out of their mind, matter a fact Ash Legion is better know for being the top Legion that is often punishing trouble maker male charr. According to the male charr ramblings female charr in Ash are insane giggling female charr that won't stop staring at them with a blank look or a creepy smile, and female Ash Legion charr are always watching them no matter if they are in leadership positions or not, no uprising can start against female charr without Ash Legion female charr finding out their secrets, and most male charr are bad at trying to keep their secrets to themselves, as they are often charmed by female charr beauty to give up their secrets.

The Magic Legion's (former Flame Legion) female charr are better known for supposedly abusing, torturing their male charr as the female charr of the former Flame Legion got the worse treatments then female charr in other Legions so the female charr of the Magic Legion mistreat their male charr even if newborn male charr cubs are not guilty for the sins of their grandfathers. Now not all male charr are mistreated but most male charr in the Magic Leigon are mistreated, now male charr can learn how to use magic but they are always watched and face the possibility of being killed if they try and attempt to use their power to fight the female charr. Male charr who are facing punishments in the Magic Legion are at risk of instaed being sent to do hard labor for the Legions they are used as living test dummy's by Magic Legion's female charr who are happy to to torment,and even kill male charr using their magic's. Male charr are kill in unexplainable way by all forms of magic used against them by female charr practicing their magical powers on the male charr, some are killed by set on fire, drowning in water, being crushed by the earth, killed by thunder, killed by life draining magic, smited by a magic spear if light, or killed by a bunch of female charr clones. Male charr in the Magic Legion never get to be leaders, the female charr shamans who have a personal grudge for what male charr did to them and their grandmothers. Magic Legion female charr take what male charr did to enslave them alot more seriously. Unlike the old Male charr shamans blind, foolish, abusive, and rash ways of leading the Legions ended, the female charr of the Magic Legion are very serious in how they lead and run their Legion, where as the male charr were to blinded by their pride and belief they were better then female charr which lead to their fall from power.

A fifth Legion is created by Kalla Scrochrazor the new Khan-ur which becomes refereed to as the Legion of the Khan-ur this Legion is a mix of all four Legions male and female charr. The male charr in this Legion are not abused they are the chosen or sons, and grandsons of the hundreds of male charr who choose to stay loyal to Kalla and did not abandon her, the male charr in Legion know they are watched like the others and always doing all they can to prove their loyalty to the Legions and to the Khan-Ur most of all, male charr from outside the chosen guild may join the ranks of Khan-Ur's Legion after passing a number of tests which are to find out if a male charr is truly loyal to the Legions. Joining the chosen male charr ranks in the Khan-Ur's Legion is something many charr who want to truly show they are loyal to their female charr Khan-Ur aim for to the best they can, many hope and train themselves and strive to being able to enter the Khan-Ur's Legion, a male charr however has to be truly willing to accept that female charr are the equals of male charr, and truly be loyal to the Legions and to the Khan-Ur. No male charr who enters this Legion dare think of turning on the female charr Khan-Ur they gained the trust of the Legions they refuse to break it, and be cast to the bottom of the barrel again. Male charr in this Legion feel they have a real purpose to fight and die if need be die fore the Legions and the Khan-Ur. Female charr in the Khan-Ur's Legion are proud to serve in this Legion female charr who enter this Legion do so to also able to mate with the male charr of the chosen guild who are loyal to the Khan-Ur no questions asked, outside of the chosen guild, male charr often are used as mate slaves by female charr who dominate the male charr in their mating secession, (female charr when they relax besides eating drinking or playing some sort of competitive match game, will mate with male charr for the pleasure and to give birth to new generations of charr cubs.)
With the male charr chosen however a female charr may mate with a male charr who has proven and continues to prove his loyalty to the Legions and the Khan-Ur, these male charr valve familiy with the female charr who choose to mate with these male charr resulting in charr cubs growing up with a caring father. This Legion was formed by Kalla Scorchrazor so that it be one Legion male charr would strive to prove they are loyal to her the Khan-Ur and the Legions

Uprisings of male charr are not very many, male charr who attempt to fight Kalla Scrochrazor are crushed, and force to march around in humiliation taughted and mocked by countless female charr then they are killed in unexplainable ways. Another reason for the male charr rebels defeats is what the male charr shamans feared would happen if they did not keep the female charr as slaves, the female charr would use their sexuality to tempt the males into stumbling. Their fears became true the female charr use magic to make themselves look so awe inspiring and lovely, and pretty to male charr, that the male charr end up not fighting as effectively that they often surrender outright or are to dumbstruck in battle to see he is about to get his head chopped off by a beautiful female charr.

The enslavement of the male charr echos the enslavement of the female charr and can be as morbid and barbic, yet can you really blame the femael charr at this point their grandmothers were held as slaves never allowed to fight four 200 years it seems only that the male charr suffer the same fate, at least in a female charr mind it dose. Now dose this effect the relations with the remments of the human kingdom of Ascalon in Ebonhawk? Will the male charr were for a time trying to attack the stronghold only to be force to surrender to Kalla Scrochrazor who got word of male charr armies still fighting the humans of Ascalon without knowing that the Legions are now controlled by female charr, that male charr army is force to surrender to Kalla's larger army of female charr and male charr chosen, and then they are force to swear loyalty to Kalla or face disarmament or being slaughtered to the last.

As for the humans of Ascalon, (and the countless human prisoners of war, ascalonian troops and civilians who had been capture during the 50 years after the searing.) Kalla ponders if they should remain enemies with the humans of Ascalon, but the male charr shamans of Flame Legion kept using humans as the scapegoat to pin blames on, but instead of wasting time and so many lives on attacking the humans as they have fortified Ebonhawk far to well and were their to stay, maybe it be better to let the humans know that the male charr are no longer in charage and maybe the human could be a somewhat useful ally, that they could get rid of later. The humans of Ebonhawk are surprised by the fact that the female charr have taken over the male charr controlled Legions and turned the table on the male charr and now enslave them, the humans of Ebonhawk will either attempt for peace or denie any peace attempts the Kalla will offer as the events of the searing and the slaughter done by male charr is still fresh in the humans of Ascalons mind, Kalla of course could say that male charr destoryed their kingdom not femalecharr which would be a stumbling block for the humans as female charr had nothing to do with the searing so their is a possbily depending on who is in charge of Ebonhawk to have peace with the female charr controlled Legions will it last? After the human prisoners of Ascalon are freed and sent to Ebonhawk it will so long as the female charr do not decide under another Khan-Ur after Kalla dies to attack Ebonhawk, and so long as no human tries to start a war by out right attacking the charr Legions. This leaves a possibly for the humans to be able to either expand and move back into their former homeland or move south into the crystal desert and create a new ascalonian Kingdom with EbonHawk as the captial of New Ascalon. Of course their is the possible chance another war will happen of course the female charr may win it cause the same magical charms they use to get the male charr not to fight them, can be used against human men as well, making human men who fight them see a lovely female charr that he rather hug over killing, which gets them taken as prisoners as a result.

Now it is found that female charr can mate with human men as a few female charr were found to have before Kalla's uprising had in secret mated with human men they had meant by chance and fallen in love with them, weather the human father live or not these female charr mothers gave birth to healthy charr cubs who are just cable as true charr, as a result after a peace treaty is settled with Ebonhawk and the human prisnors of war freed many female charr who outright hate male charr and will never mate with them no matter if they are loyal to the Legions choose to take human men as mates mind you these female charr are not super common, but they are not rare either, female charr in the Magic Legion, and Blood Legion are the common female charr to pick human men as mates where as Iron and Ash Legions female charr will still commenly pick male charr as mates as both Ash and Iron Legions female charr are trying to built the trust with male charr once more so they can stand as equals, where as Blood and Magic Legion female charr are happy to keep the male charr at the bottem of the barrel. Also the massive hate the humans had toward the charr slowy goes away only cause Kalla during her reign focus on making sure the Legions are not going to collepse after her death,and is not looking to start a war with Ebonhawk as they still have to deal with the ghosts of Ascalon. Kalla ends up having charr cubs of her own, as to who the father is will their are rumors its one of the male charr chosen and or ,even that Kalla scorchrazor in secert had mated with the male human grandson of the hero of Ascalon. (the hero who saves the world mulitple times in guild wars 1)

Also male charr are often fleeing to Lions Arch to escape the female charr Legions and are seen as traitiors by the female charr controlled Legions, as we get closer to guild wars 2 timeline the female charr controlled Legions conutiene to expand their infleunce and take more land but the female charr under their Kalla and other Khan-ur female charr find that tryiny to conquner the world is not going to work as they would like as it takes to much effort and rescoures to do it, added the planet is far to big to rule and to many races will complain and say the charr are monsters for taking what is not theirs like the Ogers who very much want to retake land the charr took from them. THe charr legions end up just fousing on builting up their strength and dealing with the ghosts of Ascalon, and looking for new challeges to overcome and expanding their borders. Now some 20, 30 years before Guild Wars 2 the female charr's enslavement of male charr comes to an end sort of, they no longer will abuse male charr, but they still keep watch on them as their is always one dumb foolish male charr saying male charr will take back the Legions and make the female charr their slaves, course that male charr ends up being punished and maybe killed.

The effects of nearly 200 years of enslavement has change the charr race as it takes 20 years for the new of male charr genration to get use to not being slaves, and female charr cubs growing up their charr brothers and the female charr still somewhat treating like scum still. Picture the effect this has on important charr characters. exmpales are Rytlock, the charr stilll go to the fire Islands and retrive Prince Rurik's sword and Rytlock only gets cause he stuborn having to deal with so many charr threating him and out to get him with only few he trusts won't try and kill him Rytlock is more eager to get out and see the world beyond the Ascalon. Also no idea who the Khau-ur, now the charr have a system that allows female charr to enter a contest to decide who gets the Khan-Ur but only female charr in the top leadership postions may enter it as they have the experienece to lead female charr do not get to kill each other but they have to beat their oppents sisters in a number of challeges,
THe Khan-ur that leads by the time guild wars 2 timeline comes around is another female charr Khan-ur, cause male charr are still not allowed to be imperators or Khan-ur as a number of male charr keep openling trying to fight the female charr, these male charr follow the ways of the dead male charr shamans and want femael charr to be slaves again but they are outnumber and are always losing.
The effects on the charr pact commanders will it depends inluding which legion your from. If your a male charr you maybe getting some backlash from female charr, who may trust you till you prove you loyal to the Legions and Khan-ur above all else, you be feeling like you deserve better, and you are trying to show you are willing to fight as a female charr's equal, and see them as your war sister not a slave.
If your a female charr pact commader will like every charr cub growing up you have been taught that your not to fully trust a male charr unless he part of the choosen male charr guild, and or has derminely proved his loyalty, and to always to be on your guard when dealing with male charr who have not proven their loyaltly, you have been taughtto hate and despise male charr who want to enslave you and your war sisters. As a female charr you may feel and question the treatment given to the male charr, of course their always one male charr that yells at you how you and all female charr will slaves one day and male charr will be back in their rightful place. Of course you then feel the only male charr that deserve your repect are themale charr part of the choosen guild that fight in the Legion of the Khan-Ur, you also may have a bit of problem with your sire. However unlike most female charr you are more willing to accept male charr who are not against you and your war sisters and more for allowing male charr to stand as equals once more.

Oh and during guild wars 2 you would see many female charr back talking male charr alot, and their be many female charr talking about how their trying to get use to not having the male charr as distrusted slaves, and many more even questioning on how they treated the male charr, and always those male charr who are bitter. Charr in the pact may struggle to fight together but the pact would be the first steps in helping the male and female charr work together as equals.

Now when the Olamakan charr are found it opens the door for the female charr controled Legions to rethink on how they treat male charr, and the thoughts of restoring the valve of family and raising cubs with both the charr parents togther not splitting up after the cubs are old enough. With the Legions under the a feamle charr Khan-Ur attampting to accept the changes that are sweeping the Legions male and female charr will have to accept if they truly want to be united as a race and not sepreated by gender out of the fear of being each others slaves, is to follow the exmpales of the Olmakan charr not just their peaceful ways but the valve of family, and that what comes first is family and family first. By the time the elder dragon threat is ended it will take some time for the Legions to asjust to a time of peace and reuniting male and female charr to gether as a race not as a distrusted slaves

This was long of what possiblity that could have happen to the charr Legions had the male charr imperators decided they wre going to lie to Kalla not honor the promise to support her when she won, things could have gone down a differenet path for the Legions we will never really know what could have happrn. But had Kalla decided that male charr were unfit to be equals the female charr could have have enslaved the male charr just as the male charr shamans enslaved female charr, and that could have echoed how female charr were slaves, and history would show that the male charr shamans, and later the charr imperators who turned on Kalla were at fault, and the reason why the female charr took over the Legions and enslaved the male charr. Do not take this seiously cause their are so many things that are no doubt wrong not true or unlikly to happen, we can only guess and imagine a world where the female charr turned the tables on the male charr and enslaved them, maybe their is a alternate universe of it somewhere in the mists of time.

It would be instresting to see something like this as a story of its own echoing all to woll what could have happen to the Legions had things on differently.


  • ugrakarma.9416ugrakarma.9416 Member ✭✭✭✭

    rofl they will turn into a sort of hyena society.
    "Spotted hyena society is also notable for the dominance of its females over its males. This is not the case in the other two, more traditionally familial hyena species. Amongst female spotteds, there is a strict hierarchy. The highest ranking female gets first dibs on any kills, which helps her to reproduce more quickly and successfully than females further down the pecking order.

    But perhaps the strangest thing about female spotted hyenas is their reproductive anatomy. Internally, there's not much to set them apart from other mammals. But to say that their external genitals are far-out is to put it mildly." http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20141028-the-truth-about-spotted-hyenas

    "It's a testament to the folly of the humans and their gods. They say Arah was sacred, but all I see is one big dragon nest."(Rytlock Brimstone)

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    If the female and male charr didn't work together in the rebellion, the rebellion would have failed. That's the core story point of the rebellion and why Kalla was so important - even the united forces of Blood, Iron, and Ash weren't capable of overthrowing the overpowering Flame Legion without the help of Kalla's troops. Without Kalla's troops, they were in an effective stalemate with the Flame Legion.

    Which just goes to show just how powerful the Flame Legion were at the time. Even with the losses from GW1 and the Foefire.

    All these squares make a circle.
    All these squares make a circle.
    All these squares make a circle.

  • starhunter.6015starhunter.6015 Member ✭✭✭

    Plus it has been about 250 years betwen the two games.

  • How ironic.

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