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[YT Channels][Twitch Channels] Competitive outlets for any that are interested in WvW/PvP content

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Hello everyone! My name is Kirk.

I'm an officer for a competitive WvW guild, Melee or Die [MoD]. You may have seen our recruitment post a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure where to post these, but this seems to be an acceptable place.

I would like to advertise a few outlets of consistent, competitive content including: PvP, WvW and recently, some 1v1 action.

The first is our guild mate, Awaken. He's an awesome dude that's way too humble to advertise his own stream so I'm doing it for him! His stream can be found here. More often than not he plays Spellbreaker, but he also has a solid Firebrand and Scrapper which comes out from time to time.

He is typically streaming during our WvW raid time, which is around 9PM to 11PM eastern time. Come check him out sometime, maybe drop a follow! I will also personally recommend this vod from the second bracket of our 1v1 tournament which was pretty hype (not biased that I'm in it, not at all)

The second is my own YouTube channel which can be found here.

I post the highlights of our WvW raids as well as some of my own highlights from sPvP. Basically a support Firebrand one-trick, but I'm decent at Scrapper and Spellbreaker as well. I'm still playing around with different editing styles, but overall it's something I love to do and see myself continuing to do. Check out some of my vids and maybe sub if you like what you see. My uploads are a bit staggered depending on how good the content is from week to week.

Lastly our guild leader, Demon Puppet, has a twitch stream and a YouTube channel.

Demon also streams during our raid time and is a fantastic perspective to watch, especially if you're looking to play or learn more about Scourge. Seriously he's an animal. He also uploads montages to his YouTube channel.

Thank you all for the read and thank you if you do come check us out! See you around!


  • awaken.2134awaken.2134 Member ✭✭

    <3 kirk. bestest content.

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