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[NA] Night of the Necromancers, October 31st 2019!

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Hailsa and Well Met!
In coordination with the Tyrian Bullet Club, members of Gamers Giving Back, and several members of the Guild Wars 2 Community,

I am proud to announce that, on october 31st 2019, we will hold the Second Annual Night of the Necromancers event in Lion's Arch!
this evening will be set aside for necromancers, reapers, scourges from all over Tyria to converge in on the Largest Single Gathering of Necromancers in Guild Wars 2 History!
there will be Fashionwars, Races, Trivia Contests, Labyrinth runs solely for necromancers, and, if possible, an all necromancer raid event! all of this will culminate in the March on the Cursed Shore and the Taking of Grenth's Temple, along with the giving away of the legendary Greatsword, Twilight!
how does one enter for the chance to win Twilight? More info will be coming soon, But... during the event, we will be raising funds for the Canadian and American Cancer Societies. the minimum entry during the 31st event will be 10 dollars. We will have links to the locations of where to donate here on the forums on the day of the event and on several Twitch Channels during the event itself. one random person will be drawn from those donations to receive Twilight and must be present at Grenth's Temple event to receive the award. \
again, More information will come as the event draws Closer. Feel free to ask me in game also if you have any questions!


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    In addition to this event, during the Month of October, prior to the Event, there will be 2 Strolls in the Pink for Breast Cancer awareness, and those event dates will be announced in the future as well. stay tuned to this thread!

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    UPDATE. so for those of you that have asked, no, you do not have to donate to participate in NOTN19. any donations to the ACS and CCS during that night will be gladly accepted and those donating 10dollars or more that night, please provide your ign with that donation, as it will be used to enter you in the drawing for Twilight. that said... we have now confirmed dates on the 2 Strolls in the Pink events leading to NOTN19. the first date will be on October 11, and the Second will be on October 26th. the strolls will be on core Tyria maps to allow F2P and lower level players to Participate. we are also looking to contact the guild known as Tyria Drift to establish a race route for NOTN that night, as they are quite proficient at making races. if anyone can assist me with networking with that guild lemme know.

    After Much consideration, due to the existence of an incredible event already existing in the EU and being held by "Mystrious PoetJuh" and his group around the same time as NOTN19, we are not going to have the event in the EU servers. Quite simply put, we do not want to conflict with existing community events and will honor and respect the EU's traditional halloween event.
    _that said_____
    We have also worked on a brand NEW event added to this years NOTN festivities. due to the massive FPS drops from the race last year, we are replacing the race in LA with something even bigger..
    We shall Invade Orr.
    What does this mean? at a certain point during the evening, members of TBC will line up , tag up and start forming squads. we will depart from LA, head into Lornar's pass and stop at the Reaper's Gate for a memorial service to pay respects to the fallen. from that moment forth, everyone will proceed to begin the march into Orr and, once entering the Straits of Devastation, Begin an invasion of Orr by an Army of Tyria's mightiest and deadliest of necromancers. we will advance through each Orrian Map in Core tyria, engaging in the Temple metas as they spawn, until we reach the Cursed shore, and Grenth's temple itself, for the finale and retaking of the Temple!
    "but what if the team gets seperated?"
    good question! TBC and our volunteers have already figured this out, and have a system in place to ensure that by the time we reach the Temple of Grenth, everyone will be on one map. at the very max, there will be 3 squads rolling through Orr, so everyone will have the chance to get their licks in!
    "and what happens if we get disconnected? will my spot still be there?"
    yes! i will instruct the Commanders to ensure that the squads do not break and no one gets kicked UNLESS they are trolling.
    stay tuned periodically to this thread, as well as https://twitch.tv/sin_of_anubis as updates will continue to roll in as we grow closer to the event!

  • UPDATE: we will be having a meeting for all team members and volunteers for NOTN19 on september 15th at 12pm CST in the TBC discord. if you wish to volunteer in any way, please feel free to comment here or message me in game.

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