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Series of Guild Wars 2 Music - with my commentary.

Hi fellow Musicians and Guild Wars 2 players!

I have just started a series of Guild Wars 2 Music, that I began with War Eternal Music, that I gathered while playing this magnificent Episode.

Why Am I Doing It?

I am a great fan of Guild Wars 2's music and I love diving into all the leitmotifs and trivia about the music. I began with recording the music from the cinematics, that I felt have not gotten enough recognition, like the music that plays during Wynne's Secret Cinematic or Scruffy's Sacrifice Cinematic and more.

I did already gather all the Cinematic Music I could (link to the playlist):

But I couldn't record some from Season 1 (for obvious reason) and Season 2, because Music, Effect, Dialogue were all mixed together for some of the cinematics like The Pale Tree Vision, 2 final cinematics of Season 2 (not uploaded on Soundcloud either).

It's Nicer to Have a One Video with All the Music, right?

I love compiling different music, because I can play with the flow of the music. Nothing is ever a coincidence on any of my Compilations, I always think about what will better fit after a previous music.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you ~Stephane Lo Presti


  • Arden.7480Arden.7480 Member ✭✭✭✭

    War Eternal Music

    I've started with the most recent Episode: War Eternal

    The wound is the place where the Light enters you ~Stephane Lo Presti

  • Arden.7480Arden.7480 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Here is the full soundtrack of Living World Season 1 music with unforgettable music pieces like The Battle on the Breachmaker, Twisted Marionette, Sanctum Sprint and more!

    I'd want to make it much more special by adding the cinematic music, but I am not able to record them anymore. :(

    I can't really comment on the music in this Season, because I never really had a chance to play it. I started playing GW2 somewhere around the final battle with Scarlet, but it was level 80 content, and I was like 30, so I only watched from Kessex Hills while this city was burning, and I still have this horrible image in front of me...

    I hope you will have a good time listening to this compilation,

    The wound is the place where the Light enters you ~Stephane Lo Presti

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