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best professions/builds for soloing champions, dungeons, events, etc.

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As the title says.

I mostly play warrior and mesmer. Warrior does not have a great option for hard soloing.

Condi Mirage I have had amazing success with, Dueling, Chaos, Mirage with mixed trailblazer, dire/rabid gear.

I know that ranger and necro have to have some good options but don't know them well enough.

Please post professions and their builds for soloing harder content below! Thanks in advance!


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    If you search on youtube you can find solo dungeons and fractals on all classes. Roul for example made a solo arah with condi weaver video recently.

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    My best avatar for solo play (for my playstyle) is my necro/minion master. The warrior does ok, but gets overrun in large groups. My favorite 2 are the necro (staff & minion master,) and ranger (longbow & pet). Really depends on your playstyle. I have seen people soloing on pretty much everything...

  • This comes down to your playstyle but i personally opt for guardian. Specifically dragonhunter because of it's burst damage and aegis spamming abilities. I have been able to solo dungeons with it personally, but it still requires careful play. Warrior i think is one of the worst because of lack of healing potential. A lot of health but no real way to keep your health up. Mesmer has a similar issue as it's heals are very weak or used in the rotation. I know tempest is another good option if you can get around being glassy

  • Personally I use power herald for dungeon soloing.

    Gear: Full Berserker
    Sigils: Force/Impact
    Runes: Scholar
    Legends: Glint + Jalis

    Devastation: Vicious Lacerations, Notoriety, Swift Termination
    Invocation: Rising Tide, Incensed Response, Rolling Mist
    Herald: Elder's Respite, Shared Empowerment, Forceful Persistence

    The build is surprisingly hearty. It can buff itself up to 25 might, gives protection, and it heals itself a lot with all of the life leech that it has. Swap out utilities and legends as you see fit. Though the build does have some trouble with swarms of elites, but that is where good tactics come in.

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    Ultimately it depends on how well you understand game mechanics. Some classes require mastery of higher game concepts, while others can get away with low effort spank and tank. MetaBattle is a good resource for seeing Build Concept examples, and using that knowledge to adapt your build to various circumstances. WvW and PvP roaming builds are also a good source of templates, as each has to build in defenses; where as Fractal and Raid builds work on the assumption of a Group Composition. Open world builds can also show you good low cost defense ideas, as many run glass stats for raw damage, and tend to rely on specific skills to get out of trouble.

    I find the bets litmus test for Solo builds is the Risen Spider protecting the Rich Plat node in Sparkfly fen. Its an enemy you can't reliably kite, because of its Pull/Egg combo, and has way too much HP that it can't be easily burst down- making it the perfect test bed for cycling defenses, CC management, and general damage output.

    Without knowing more about your upper skill limit, its hard to make recommendations. Especially now that Anet is systematically killing off existing popular builds into very limited pidgin holes.

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