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[EU] LF Fractal focussed guild

Hi all,

After a year of solely pugging groups, I am looking for a relaxed Fractal focussed guild to run with. I do not require to be part of a static team, as my work hours are long and unpredictable and sometimes require international travel, but I would like to get into 100CM with a group (I unfortunately have not completed it, but have knowledge about the mechanics). In short, I play fairly casual but always with the intention to improve. I prefer to play with people that have a similar mindset.

I main a Chrono and used to play Holo DPS, although I have abandoned the latter due to the nerfs. Currently gearing up a DH/qFB for fractals and will improve my rotation prior to trying 100CM with a serious group (probably gearing a Alacrene/BS next). Got the 99CM title and -since yesterday- the Fractal Savant one. If you think I'd be good fit do not hesitate to contact me! IGN Virtual Echo