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Our focus
We are a dedicated WvW & PVE Raid guild, with many players also opting in to do PvP and AT (Automated tournaments).

Guild Ethos
We see ourselves as a semi hardcore (if there is such a thing) guild. We hardcore when focused on WvW, Raids, and AT. Casual for everything else :)
All of us are friendly members, until you embrace the dark side... even if you have the high ground, we'll still find a way to defeat you.

Guild History:
The guild was created around six years ago, and our leader is still ever present (even though he took a short break, but is now back).
We have always participated in WvW and were always a force to be reckoned with. Around 40 members constantly online and present in WvW.
At least 20 people constantly online for PvE Raids and participating as a group.
We're now rebuilding that ethos, and will once again rise.

Guild Vision
To become what the guild was 5 years ago. A force to be reckoned with, but also a home for people who simply want a chat if they're lonely / bored :)

What we expect from you
1 - Active - To be active within a 5 day period (A one week grace period is given). If you're going to be away, let the leader or co-leader know. Courtesy :)
2 - Transfer - We require all members to transfer to our home server within a week of joining. This gives you time to decide if it's the right guild for you.
3 - Flexibility - Not everyone wants to do specific events. However, if a player drops out, and you're a direct replacement, we'd hope you'd agree to sub in.
4 - Honesty - Be honest with everything you say. If you don't like something, tell us. We're here to improve your time in the game, and the guilds.
5 - Learn - Willingness to learn about classes, your own class, what works, what doesn't work. Why it doesn't work.
6 - Talk - A friendly, social, banter orientated player :)

Guild events
WvW - Tuesday & Sunday
Raids - Wednesday & Saturday
PvP - Monday and Friday

Guild Leader




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