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Would like to hear from ANET about this Chrono massacre

YtseJam.9784YtseJam.9784 Member ✭✭✭

It looks like for the past 2 weeks, they have been avoiding these forums. Looks like they knew we were all going to rage, dropped the bomb and looked the other way. Really wished what their opinion in all this is. In the 6+ years I've been playing this game, I've never seen anything like this. Usually moderators reply, but the silence is insulting. And all we got today with the update besides the festival, was some "special effects" changed on most classes.

Please take the decency of listening to your customer's cries of frustration with the latest changes in the class and give us an answer. Makes you really regret all the time and money wasted on this game, and with the way the game is at this point, you don't have the luxury of losing more players. Look at all these people that are quitting because of this. I personally stopped playing the game as much as I did in the past 6+ years cause it is so frustrating to play Chrono now that it is not fun anymore. After trying all the classes and specs in the game through the years, I have no interest in any other class or have interest in re-rolling a new one. I shouldn't have to. No "balance update" should affect any class in such a big way that it becomes unplayable or has to be played in a completely different matter. Like I've stated before, this is not a "balance update", but a rewrite of the spec we shouldn't be forced to have to move to other classes or specs to get what we lost.


  • Curunen.8729Curunen.8729 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Tabasco.1743 said:
    Y'know I typically lurk and leave the balance to the theory-crafters, It feels different this time though. I know they edit the profession kits to "keep it fresh" in pvp, but I am solidly fatigued by the implementation. I am tired of rolling with the punches, tired of the change-for-change-sake nature of the game where they find a new way to break something that works over and again.

    @Curunen.8729 said:
    ... when it comes to the frequency and consistency of class balance adjustments in this game something feels so off the mark that I can't quite understand what the end goal is, the extent of any incentive to strive towards a goal with clear direction, perhaps lack of resources, or from a more cynical point of view in order to prepare the ground for new shinies to be marketed (I have a strong suspicion for LW5).

    And the big kicker being none of this is followed up in a timely fashion (no changes today) but left to stew in whatever state things are left in for months - sometimes years - on end (eg Elusive Mind... how anyone with a sane mind can believe this trait is satisfactory is beyond my ability to comprehend...) until another dart is thrown at the board that may or may not undo or often further complicate the damage.

    @Curunen.8729 Wow, I almost feel as if I wrote this response it is so on point. +1
    Lol why can't I "+2"? I have two thumbs!

    Pour one out for Chronomancer.

    Mesmer hive mind. :p

    But hey, look there's a new cute furry raptor skin in the gemstore - brb, parting with my cash (actually I like the skin which is rare as someone who only has 3 mount skins, and would be tempted but I neither feel like converting gold or giving Anet any more money while for me the core foundation of this game - the combat balance - appears to be treated as an afterthought compared with everything else...)

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  • Delofasht.4231Delofasht.4231 Member ✭✭✭

    Art implementation is the easy stuff, but recoding skills in a complex game can break so many things so easily. I have done a bit of coding myself in the past, and it really is quite easy to break something by altering a bit of code here or there (been there, done that).

    Their development direction very likely changed recently actually, the past few patches have been heavily geared toward altering elements of professions that were very difficult to balance. Not to say they fixed anything really, but at least they are showing that they are trying. If we all hate on them for trying to make the game better for everyone, then we really are just being selfish.

  • Lyndina.7984Lyndina.7984 Member ✭✭

    Can't agree more, the lack of any reply,while this hub keeps on burning is just horrendous. Mesmer is/ was my favorite class, since the game released and even in Guild Wars 1 i liked the class and made it my mainchar. I had fun with my chronomancer back then, even build the legendary shield only for this specc ( and its the only legendary i ever build). But this "patch" broke the game for me. I simply couldn't play it anymore like i used too. Since that debacle happened i started wow again and never cared for Gw2 anymore. You lost one customer that sticked for more then 12 years with your company and the games you produced.

  • Yasai.3549Yasai.3549 Member ✭✭✭

    Yea I find this kinda annoying.

    They drop a huge gamebreaker, then let it burn the place down and get people to talk about the obvious problem which everyone can see and discuss before the update evem happened, then they are probably gonna take their sweet time addressing it or just leave chrono in a broken state.

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  • Lincolnbeard.1735Lincolnbeard.1735 Member ✭✭✭✭

    ANerf is lost balancewise. They don't have a clue where to turn, the "we want mirages to last in longer fights" and proceed to nerf all defenses(core, mind you) and like Curunen said, considering EM a defensive trait, is pretty indicative of this.
    They've destroyed both core (for following the "knowledgeable community" guidelines) and chrono (distortion removal is on some mesmers on this part of the forums for suggesting such trash idea).

    They need to do two things, getting out of the balance team all of the current members and getting on some of the gw1 ones, GW1 wasn't perfect but was miles better than GW2.
    And do monthly balance patch for the first months until everything is in a better state.
    These 3 months destroy some professions and other remain the same even tho they're op isn't cutting it.

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  • I hate to say this but the lack of response is probably because someone hit the nail on the head on the first day. They killed off a popular HOT spec so the people that haven't purchased POF would have no choice but to. It's the only reason that makes any sense to me at all.

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