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Plaguedoctor Signets Reaper!

EremiteAngel.9765EremiteAngel.9765 Member ✭✭✭✭
edited July 31, 2019 in Necromancer

Thanks to everyone for sharing your many fruitful ideas in the other thread!

My theorycrafting senses are turning again and I've thought of a new build that seems fun and possibly viable!
Presenting the Plaguedoctor Signets Reaper for WvW roaming!

Build link here (I think the link is a little buggy, you'll need to copy and paste it in a new browser instead of clicking it):

It is a Condi version of @XECOR.2814 hybrid boons Reaper.
It has:

  • High might stacking,
  • High vulnerability stacking and
  • Up to 90%+ Crit chance with zero precision invested!

The 'free' crit chance enhances the +300 ferocity from Onslaught trait and helps pushes the power damage of this build in shroud with quickness to make it more hybrid-ish in nature!
Signets make the healing stats worthwhile with up to 1K healing per hit/second via Vamp signet passive heal!
Traited Signet of Locust is also a plus ensuring you're always at 25% movement speed in shroud, regardless of whether you've used the skill!
Not to forget Signet of Spite casted with Quickness! No one is going to dodge it that easily now!

Someone try it! I am excited for this build!

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  • Bigpapasmurf.5623Bigpapasmurf.5623 Member ✭✭✭✭

    TBH once I get my PC back tomorrow, I am def trying this. As a long time thoerycrafter, I love working and testing builds and providing feedback (I never use meta builds myself in WvW)

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