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Armor/weapon customization window - stacked (and unselectable) stat combos

After the change to using a Customization window to set weapon and armor stats, the stat selection window is bugged for exotic and ascended weapons (but not legendary weapons). All of the available stat combos from approximately HoT onwards show up stacked together at the bottom of the window, and none of the stats can be selected. However, the core stat combos show up correctly. I tested this with several exotic weapons that previously had all stat combos in the game as selectable stats, and also tried setting the stats in Core and PoF maps to see if it was related to the current location of the character. I don't think it's intentional that only legendary weapons can allow stat selection from HoT/PoF/LS stat combos. Will this be addressed in a future update?


  • DemonSeed.3528DemonSeed.3528 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    I can confirm, on my core/pof acc, after giver's, all the stats are stacked at the same place on the bottom of the window (this was on my exotic armor from crystal desert reward track)

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    I have a Core/PoF (no HoT) account only as well! I wonder if the bug has to do with what expansions we own, which might be why I haven't seen any other reports of this bug (I'm assuming most people either have Core-only or HoT + PoF by now). With the new Customization window, the selectable stat combos are listed in chronological order of when they were added to the game. I wonder if the fact that HoT/LS3 comes between Core/LS2 and PoF/LS4 (and that I don't own HoT) caused something to glitch. I can see (and select) the Core and LS1/2 stat combos, but all the PoF and LS4 stat combos are stacked on top of each other in a cluster at the end of the stat selection list. The last stat combo I can select is also Giver's. It's hard to see through the layers of text in the stat stack, but I don't think I see any of the HoT/LS3 stat combos. Can anyone else with either Core/PoF only or Core/HoT/PoF comment on if they see the same bug or not?

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    My main acc has core/hot/pof, I will check in a little bit and get back to you
    Update: Ok, just checked on a piece of exotic armor, and there was no problem. Must be affecting those only with core+pof. I'll ask some more friends who only have core+pof if they are affected just to confirm.

  • I have same problem. My acc has only core+pof.

  • DemonSeed.3528DemonSeed.3528 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Just updating here, core/pof accs seems bugged in customize menu with stats after givers or whatever squished at the bottom

  • Any news? I want to finish my armor...

  • DemonSeed.3528DemonSeed.3528 Member ✭✭✭✭

    This is still not fixed and affecting core+pof users. Anyone who wants to play with newer stats will be out of luck for the time being.

  • Hope they fix it the soonest possible time,and not later just because a fewer player percentage % are affected (core+POF).

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    Saw it, thanks mate. With this bug, I really can't do Fractals, PVP, WvW properly. If they cannot fix the issue right away, I would recommend that they give a discount like 50% off to HoT Expansion & I'm sure people like me would purchase it right away. In that way, it will fix the issue & a win-win situation for both parties ;)B):3

  • Confirm.. This bug is annoying
    Everytime I try to change stats on a trinket it crashes and I have only POF