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Leonidrex.5649Leonidrex.5649 Member ✭✭✭

Any working interesting builds out there for Mirage?
CI mirage is good, but also boring and annoying, having warrior mains bother me with their whining stopped being fun after couple of days.
tried power mirage but its just worse version of other classes, is there actually any good build out there ? Tried axe/torch + scept/focus for semi mobile build but it ended up being Ci Mirage with different weapons anyways becouse its one of the only traitlines that provide usefull things.

RN im running scept/pistol + staff or axe/torch + scepter/focus or axe/focus + scepter/pistol.
preety much all Ci, with domination/mirage/chaos or sometimes switching domi for illusio but i believe its just worse then duel due to bleed on crit + vigor/fury loss and clone on dodge. not to mention clone bleed that makes pistol actually usable weapon.
Most fun I had with Axe/scept + Axe/pistol or focus without CI but its just getting whooped by warrior/holo and is incapable of large scale fights due to melee range and lack of sustain.
Any ideas? anything is worth a shot.

P.S using hybrid amulet, found it to deal actually more damage then condi one even on full condi builds.

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