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[NA] EXP Player looking for small tight-knit guild

Riv.9037Riv.9037 Member
edited August 1, 2019 in Looking For Guild

Hey there! My name is Riv.
I've been a Guild Wars player/enthusiast/GWeeb since the original game released in '05.
After a small break, friends coming and going over the years I am now in a place of looking for a new home to get back into the game.
Interests: Dungeons, Fractals, General Tomfoolery, World Events, raids
Qualifications as a player: GWAMM, 10k+ AP, 10k+ hrs GW experience, 19 Legendaries, raid exp, walking GW encyclopedia
Qualifications as a friend: Great back rubs, soothing voice, likes cats.

tl;dr: Just lookin for a couple friendly pals to hang out with - no exp required.

IGN: Penitax
Acct: Riv.9037


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