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Chaotic Interruption Temporarily Disabled in PvP

Good day, all,

We've been listening to your feedback following the previous balance update, and we heard about issues around the mirage's Chaotic Interruption (CI) playstyle in PvP—in particular its lack of counterplay and present dominance. We agree that this is an issue, and that it's creating degenerate play and negatively affecting PvP.

We've been discussing changes to it, and this is not something that can be addressed well via a hotfix or as part of our short-term release. Changes are going to take some time before they are ready because they involve multiple traits and affect different game modes. Our current estimation is that the complete changes will be ready for the next balance update.

We don't want to leave the situation in PvP as it is, so we've made the decision to disable the CI trait only in PvP until the fix is ready.

Thanks for your understanding and patience as we prepare the changes. Again, they will take a bit of time, and we wanted to communicate our reasoning clearly.

The GW2 Systems Team

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