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Virtue of Resolve skill facts wrong; Absolute Resolution, Battle Presence function incorrectly

Problem 1: Virtue of Resolve has incorrect skill facts

The skill facts for Virtue of Resolve are incorrect, when traited with Absolute Resolution and Battle Presence (see: notes on anomaly).

Virtue of Resolve skill facts

Virtue of Resolve

As shown, Virtue of Resolve shows 217 Heal, as though it were not traited, but does reflect the 15% Endurance regeneration from Purity of Body.

When active and sustaining damage in combat, the log instead shows 216 Heal with each pulse.

Combat log activity

Problem 2: Absolute Resolution does not improve passive healing

The Absolute Resolution trait increases the passive effects of Virtue of Resolve, and additionally causes it to pulse every 3 seconds, rather than each second.

Absolute Resolution trait facts

Absolute Resolution

Here it shows that this should be 649 Heal every 3 seconds. This is not reflected in the log, nor the healing visually applied to the player.

Problem 3: Allies under the effects of Battle Presence do not receive the same healing, nor the correct healing

When traited with Battle Presence, the trait facts read: "Nearby allies gain Virtue of Resolve's passive."

Battle Presence trait facts

Battle Presence

This trait shows the same 649 Heal every 3 seconds as Absolute Resolution, in addition to the 15% Endurance regeneration that the Purity of Body trait applies.

However, when active and in combat, it does not apply the same healing as listed either in its own trait facts or as recorded in the combat log for the effects applied to the player.

Combat log activity

As we can see, each player who received the full effect (apologies, Moon Flytrap) healed for 248 Heal which is reflected in neither the Resolve effect applied to the player, nor in any of the three skill / trait facts.

Notes on anomaly

As I have Absolute Resolution enabled in the traits, the anomaly for the incorrect skill facts on Battle Presence can be functionally ignored.


  • Ronan.9518Ronan.9518 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 4, 2019

    @ Problem 2
    The trait does improve the passive healing.
    With 0 Healing Power and without the trait my Virtue of Resolve ticks heals for 84 every second, with the Absolute Resolution it heals for 105 every second. Over the time of 3 second thats the (for me with 0 Healing Power) shown 315 Heal per 3 second in the tooltip of Absolute Resolution.
    @ Problem 3
    do you have any sigil/runes or traits active that improve outgoing healing such as Sigil of Transference/Rune of the Monk or traits like Force of Will/ Invigorated Bulwark ?
    The 649 over 3 second would be a heal of 216.333...3 per second
    248/216 = ~ 1.15
    That would mean the outgoing healing is ~ 15 % higher than in the tooltip.
    @ Problem 1
    See @ Problem 2
    Your tooltip for Absolute Resolution says 649 over the time of 3 second, your tooltip for Virtue of Resolve says 217 per second. 649/3 = 216.333......3 (tooltip should probably rather show 216 instead of 217)
    The healing log shows 216 because mathematical 216.333...3 is rounded down.

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