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Mesmer shatters concept: Changing shatters into a two cast ability; shatters become hexes.

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Before I go into this concept I'm going to state the two polling options so that you can keep these in mind while you read through. I'm posting this here because I want everyone's input on this concept not just Mesmer mains.
Voting options:
.Yes: I like the concept/ aspects of the concept.
.No: I dislike the concept and all aspects of the concept.
If you have ideas to add to this please do so and due state why you voted yes or no. List any points you like and/ or disliked and changes you've come up with. Lets be constructive with our criticism and not childish.


This concept pays homage to the Guild Wars 1 (GW1) Mesmer by combing the concepts of shattering clones and the use of hexes together.
Shatters on all Mesmer specializations are now two cast abilities; that first start out as shatters. When used all active clones are immediately shattered. Shatters then change into a hex ability that after a short cool down ( CD 3-5 sec) can be cast again to perform direct damage and/ or an affect either on the Mesmer, opponent, or allies. For each clone shattered (consumed) the hexes affect is increased but so to is its CD after used (can't use the hex until the shatter is off CD). Each shatter will also have a specific and noticeable visual animation (and maybe a noise) that is triggered only on the clones ( by having the visual affect apply only on the clones this reveals the Mesmer as well as allowing their opponent to know which hex has been prepared).

Clones are also changed to be given greater survivability:

Clones can only be destroyed by one of two ways. The Mesmer shatters them to charge a hex or the clones are hit by a crowd control (CC) affect. The CC can be anything from a daze to a knock back. If a clone is destroyed by a CC affect the Mesmer is revealed/marked for 3-5 seconds, this can not be removed and does not stack once activated. If someone kills 1 clone and then 2 seconds later kills another the duration does not increase. Another idea is to have an obnoxious visual affect and/ or noise proc on the Mesmer each time a clone is destroyed by a CC affect. The idea is to actively reward players for killing clones by revealing the real Mesmer while also not completely preventing the use of the shatter/hex system. By giving clones better survivability the changes we see currently to Chrono (not being able to self shatter) could in theory be applied to all Mesmer specializations, as now clones wont die too fast.


For this I'm going to use cry of frustration as its more easy to use to explain this new system.
Cry of frustration:
Shatter all active clones to charge the hex cry of confusion. Once all colones are shattered there is a 5 sec CD before you may cast cry of confusion.
Cry of confusion:
1 clone x1 confusion + 5 sec CD
2 clones x2 confusion + 15 sec CD
3 clones x3 confusion + 30 sec CD

Other ideas I've had includes:

Shatter all active clones to charge the hex Mind Block. Once all colones are shattered there is a 5 sec CD before you may cast Mind Block.
Mind Block:
1 clones blinds your target + 3 Sec CD
2 clones dazes your target + 20 sec CD
3 clones Stuns your target + 35 Sec CD

Shatter all active clones to charge the hex Time Boost. Once all colones are shattered there is a 3 sec CD before you may cast Time boost.
Time Boost: Give alacrity to your self and 5 other allies.
1 clones 5 sec of alacrity +10 sec CD
2 clones 10 sec of alacrity + 20 sec CD
3 clones 15 sec of alacrity + 40 sec CD

This is the main idea, I hope you've liked it or maybe it sparked someone ideas of your own.

Mesmer shatters concept: Changing shatters into a two cast ability; shatters become hexes. 11 votes

Yes: I like the concept/ aspects of the concept.
Jojo.6590Tycura.1982 2 votes
No: I dislike the concept and all aspects of the concept
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    Other: I just want hexes back, they are already coded into the game, so why don't players have them?

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    So if i understand correctly, current shatters are completely removed, and clones just become ammo for hexes, these instant-cast effects?
    If you charge one hex, then don't use it and charge another, is the first one removed? Because that would lead to quite slow and predictable gameplay.

    Mesmer is pretty stealth heavy so i don't think the reveal's a synergestic concept either, especially since it's a question of survival.

    Clones destroyed by cc makes them just squishier in some cases.

    The main issue is probably that clones are just ammo in your idea. It'd be more interesting if instead of shattering and them, they got infused with an effect, or something.. like 'their next strike dazes'/'they do heavy damage with their strikes for x seconds', etc. I can see why you like the idea, hexes being kinda like mantras with a cost, but most likely it'd mess the identity of this profession up

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    No: I dislike the concept and all aspects of the concept

    Problem with this is all the delays that actually do not do much, but instead it nerfs things that are already balanced... stealth is only an issue on Core Mesmer power burst builds that lack a way out if using stealth to get in; Chrono lost it’s counting as a clone extra damage so it cannot burst from stealth effectively anymore; Mirage doesn’t have a strong stealth burst build (not enough damage/crit multipliers... as in none in their own traitline).

    If the goal is to adjust clones, a better solution would be to make the apply no conditions and do no damage, but also have no health bar and not able to be destroyed. Detargets would remove the Mesmer’s health bar for a brief time, and shatters would scale with clones but be applied by the next Mesmer attack; clones run to the Mesmer to empower the next attack... always able to tell a big hit is coming in so evasive maneuvers can be employed. Not a lot changes, but it is easier to track the real Mesmer, and damage is easier to avoid (but also more consistent for PvE where sometimes clones are destroyed on the way to the target).

    Phantasms having health bars is fine, and flavorful, but clones are illusions and should not be relied on for deceiving players (the enemy player always hates it, and the professions itself is made weaker than it should be solely because of it).

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