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[Bug] Legendary Runes give double Stats

When you hover over the Rune it indicates the same stats an a Superior rune. The attributes increase by twice the amount when equipped.
This is obviously a bug so pls no "gw2 is p2w/f2w" drama. I was able to recreate the bug with pretty much every rune I used in raids but since I don't have a full set, maybe someone else can confirm or add information on this.


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    I have a full set, I experimented with exotic lich runes and legendary runes, and swapping them out created weird effects. My vitality varied from +25 to -75. It also affected my condition duration in the same way, sometimes increasing it higher and other times decreasing it. But usually when i got one stat to go up, another went down, I was never able to increase all stats at once. I will experiment when it and document what is happening to speculate what is going on under the hood.
    Effects of mixing exotics and legendary runes.
    If you have one and five of the other: first set bonus is doubled. (+25 vit)
    If you have two and four of the other: the second set bonus is doubled and first and third is removed (-75 vit and +5% condi duration)
    If you have three each: first and second bonus is removed (-25 vit - 5% condi duration)

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