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Gw2Skills.Net - New version of site and Build Editor 6.0

We are glad to welcome you to the new version of our site. We redesigned site’s structure to make Build Editor the main point in navigation tree. All other useful information was moved into simple Wiki with easy access from any page of site. Also the current in-game balance (July 30, 2019) was uploaded into site database. Here is the full list of changes and fixes for version 6.0 of Build Editor.


  • Editor's engine has been completely reworked
  • New structure of data files has been implemented which made it possible to reduce the amount of downloaded data by almost 50%
  • Quicklinks now use a new format of template code which made it possible to create new links 25-50% shorter than the old ones
  • You can now choose not only the core professions but also elite specializations directly from main menu
  • Boons' and conditions' descriptions and effects are changing now according to selected traits
  • The “Temporary buffs” section has been updated with a number of new effects - boons, Warrior's banners, some traits and WvW buffs
  • Only control effects have been left in the “Control” category of “Current Effects” section
  • The “Current Effects” section has been updated with “Miscellaneous” category which includes the following effects from your build: Healing, Barrier, Evade, Breaks stun, Stealth, Superspeed and Teleport
  • Traits can now replace the proper skills on your skill bar
  • Skills' descriptions are now updated with facts from your current selected runes
  • Updates of site database and releases of new versions of the build editor will now trigger a warning message during your session with the editor


  • Editor's design has been reworked
  • All control elements are now grouped in a single-row main menu at the top of the editor (profession/race/weapon selection, environment and game mode)
  • PvE mode is the default mode now
  • You can specify your profession, race and weapon step by step with the single-row main menu or you can set them all at the same time with the roll-up menu (button in the top-left corner of the editor)
  • The “Temporary buffs” and the “Current Effects” sections were separated from the “Skills” tab and are now always available for you
  • Special mode buttons (for ex., berserk mode or stealth mode) have got new large icons
  • Target's level can now also be changed by clicking on the target dummy icon
  • Summary about selected traits and equipment has been removed from tab hints and is now available at the bottom of the attribute section
  • Elite specialization in the “Traits” tab can now only be chosen in the last specialization row (like in the game)
  • The “Preview” section in the “Traits” tab now contains all traits for your selected profession and can be pinned to be always visible. This choice will be saved between your sessions on the site
  • The layout of the “Armor” section in PvP mode now follows ingame layout
  • Copy and delete functions for elements in the “Armor” tab in PvE/WvW modes have been grouped within single menu attached to each element of your equipment
  • Rarity of weapons, armor parts and trinkets in the “Armor” tab is now marked with solid-border frame of the proper color
  • All menus for selection of items, upgrades, infusions etc. in the “Armor” tab can now be switched into text search mode. This choice will not be saved between your sessions on the site
  • Weapons, armor parts and trinkets of 4-stats combinations can be now grouped by both major stats in the selection menus
  • Combo fields and combo finishers in the “Current Effects” section have been updated with new set of uniform-style icons
  • Descriptions of combo fields and finishers can now be toggled to show full list of combos
  • Experience bonus has been removed from food and utilities descriptions as it doesn't affect your build


  • Solved a problem with stats for some non-standard upgrades of exotic rarity (Mournstone and Sunset Jewel)
  • Solved a problem with upgrades that do not affect character's stats directly (for ex., increasing of condition damage for Sigil of Bursting)
  • Solved a problem with base and bonus parts of character attribute's increases from your current build

Of course, all previously created quick links are still valid. If you’ll find any bug or mistypes use the “Bug Report” function – this will help us to fix the problem as soon as possible.

P.S. Also about 80 missed foods were added into our database :)


  • Looks great.

    Thanks for all the work you guys have done for the community.

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