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Need help with my Necromancer build

sdt.1697sdt.1697 Member ✭✭
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I'm doing a bit of rework on what my Necro will be and came up with This ( and this ( I would use the minor build (This first link) When I'm alone but if I'm in a big group I would go with the second one for more DPS. The two both have in common is that using the vulnerability for max damages witch I can keep up that to the trail that makes chili attacks that give 3 vulnerability to enemies. I would say I'm having trouble decided on either Decimate Defenses (Witch give me a 2% Critical Chances pre vulnerability stack) Chilling Victory ( Give me might when attacking a chilled foe.) or Soul Eater (Witch increase damages by 10% and healing me 5% when I'm striking foes near me.). Any changes I can make to this build you think would increase my DPS?


  • Yasai.3549Yasai.3549 Member ✭✭✭

    Decimate Defenses essentially mean 50% crit boost at all times in group content cos yu can count on 25 Vulnerability always being applied on the boss.

    But this means if yu overcap crit using Precision, yu will have wasted stats always unless building less Precision which will in turn make yur personal DPS without a group suffer.

    Chilling Victory isn't great either because yu pretty much can already stack 25 Might with Spite traits.

    All yur left with is Souleater, which is very good despite the removal of healing in shroud.

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  • sdt.1697sdt.1697 Member ✭✭

    FYI, you need to paste the links to my builds in the URL bar, for somereason the link doesn't take you there if you just click on it.

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