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[PROF] MonkaS Instructors - Summerbreak

Hello everyone ! New [PROF] video ! This is also my very first attempt at video editing so i'd be more than happy to receive any feedback :smiley: Enjoy !


  • Yo ! the part with the synch beetween 30s and 1m is dope but it kinda makes the rest of the clips a bit below if u're not really into rev gameplay

  • Agree with the previous poster. The way the big hits match the beat is cool, but the rest of the video doesn't match the bar you set. You include a bit too much footage of when the battle is already won. The odds aren't quite as stacked against your group as in other content creators, either. Probably could've trimmed a minute off it easily.
    I'm also not a huge fan of revenant gameplay either, but not much you can do with that.

  • Thx for the feedbacks, i wanted to include the end of the fights for fidelity but i do get what you mean, the first part was a technical challenge i set for myself as a first edit, i agree that it lower the hype for the next fights, i'll try to take all of that into account for the next one :)

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