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Proposed Death Magic Rework

Redpawa.4108Redpawa.4108 Member ✭✭
edited August 7, 2019 in Necromancer

Death Magic is currently designed around buffing minions, increasing survivability and proving buffs to shroud. Typically, trait lines are designed around three concepts each and this has led to a decrease in effectiveness of the Death Magic trait line. This rework will refocus Death Magic around increasing survivability and providing buffs to shroud by relocating some Minion traits not in line with the prior themes and updating some ineffective skills.

Edit: I talk about Condition and Power mitigation together, but I do mean them as separate themes.


  • Soul Comprehension: Soul Comprehension has been replaced with Incorporeal Shroud
    Incorporeal Shroud: While in shroud Dodge is replaced with Fade. Fade causes the necromancer to evade and gain swiftness (1 second)

Soul Comprehension benefited not utilizing shroud and needed to be replaced. Incorporeal shroud allows Necromancers to more effectively escape and can be used to create a window of opportunity for damage.


  • Necromantic Corruption: Necromantic corruption has been replaced with Shrouded Path and will be replacing Spiteful renewal in the Spite trait line.
    Shrouded Path: Shrouded Path reduces the duration of daze and stun by 33%, and a bonus 33% reduction while in shroud.

Shrouded path allows Necromancers to limit the extent of control effects while not oversaturating the availability of stability on Necromancer.


  • Death Nova: Death nova has been replaced with Deadly Focus and has been merged with Parasitic Contagion in the Curses trait line.
    Deadly Focus : Deadly Focus causes channelled shroud skills to now last 30% longer

Deadly Focus provides a unique buff to some of the harder hitting necromancer skills. Affected skills are Life Transfer, Tainted Shackles, Death’s Charge, Soul Spiral, Desert Shroud and Harbingers Shroud

  • Unholy Sanctuary: Unholy Sanctuary now heals the player for 5% of damage dealt in shroud, additionally when struck below 25% health the cooldown of Shroud is reset. (30s CD)

The change to unholy sanctuary allows the skill to be utilised more reliably and promote a more active playstyle. In addition, the healing change allows Reapers to regain the sustain of Soul Eater while limiting the impact on raids.


  • Zex Anthon.8673Zex Anthon.8673 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 6, 2019

    Most specializations have 3 distinct tracks that focus on different aspects of gameplay. Death magic should then be reorganized into 3 tracks. There are 2 major themes of death magic minions and survivability.

    I think the primary focus of death magic should be suvivability with minions as more of thematic choice to provide more unique gameplay. Therefore, I would designate two tracks to different forms of survivability, and one to enhancing minions. The tracks would be as follows: minions, offensive survivability, and defensive survivability.

    I don't think death magic should be shifted away from minions. Instead I think the minion aspect of death magic should be buffed.

    Death Nova should make you feel like a true minion master, and enemies should explode if they try to cleave a pile of minions.

    Death Nova:Remove summon a jagged horror when you kill an enemy. Instead summon a jagged horror when you enter shroud and every second while in shroud at a life force cost up to 5 jagged horrors. Damage dealt upon death scales with player stats. This can critically hit.

    Flesh of the master primary function is to increase survivability of the Necro and therefore does not belong in the minion track. I would instead replace it with something like undead phalanx.

    Undead Phalanx:Minions gain increased health and toughness for each minion you control

    Defensive survivability would be your standard damage reduction modifier and toughness bonuses, replacing deadly strength with corruptor's fervor. Buff putrid defense so it applies poison in some way. Buff unholy sanctuary so it provides passive life force gain outside of shroud and healing inside shroud mimicking blighters boon.

    Offensive survivability would be my suggestion for the third track and would involve Barbed Armor effects, Retaliation Buffing, and Retaliation Sharing. This would fit well with necros defense "theme" of being a damage sponge.

    The grandmaster could be something like:

    Diabolical Fortress:Retaliation has increased effectiveness. Pulse retaliation on you and your allies(or minions)

    Dark defiance could become:

    Dark Defiance:Gain a stacking buff for every x damage you take. When you reach x stacks explode dealing damage and corruping boons around you.

    I like your suggestion for Shrouded path and I think it would make a great adept trait for this track. I would just have it encompass all cc effects.

  • @Zex Anthon.8673 said:
    Most specializations have 3 distinct tracks that focus on different aspects of gameplay.

    Made a mistake in my post, When I said two themes I had linked condition mitigation and damage mitigation together. A more appropriate statement about Death Magic would be that I was proposing changing the Death Magic themes to Damage mitigation, Condition mitigation, and Shroud buffs. Minion relate traits would be then incorporated into all trait lines where appropriate.

  • Dadnir.5038Dadnir.5038 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 7, 2019

    Well, we all have our own view on how to put Death magic on the right track.

    I believe the main issue lie in minions and especially how death magic is geared toward making minion more useful as passive tools. No traitline should dedicate 4 traits to promote passive gameplay with a type of utility skills.

    Here is my own take at correcting that:
    Armored shroud changed to Vile miasma: This trait give the necromancer a stackable toughness bonus whenever a certain amount of life force is used and/or whenever you gain life force from nearby death.

    • Toughness Buff duration: 10 seconds (impacted by concentration)
    • Toughness per stack: 30
    • Max stack: 5
    • LF spent for a stack: 483.

    Soul comprehension: This trait now give 180 point of concentration instead of increasing the life force gain from nearby deaths.

    Beyond the veil: no longer grant protection to the necromancer's minions. It now grant protection to up to 5 allies around you.

    Upper traitline: Toxicity

    • Flesh of the master is replaced by putrid defense.
    • Necromantic corruption: fonctionnality changed to corrupt a boon into a poison stack when struck while under the effect of 5 stacks of vile miasma. Corrupting a boon this way remove 2 stacks of vile miasma.
    • Death nova: reworked, it now make minion's active skills draw a condition from nearby allies onto the minion. Whenever a minion or the necromancer is downed copy conditions on him onto up to 5 nearby foes. (for minions that are downed on active skill use, the conditions are drawn before the death of the minion. In order to keep some balance, there is just 1 stack of each conditions copied onto foes when downed.)

    Middle traitline: Miasma

    • Shrouded removal: now remove a condition every 3 seconds while under the effects of vile miasma.
    • Deathly strength: now, Vile miasma also grant power per stack. Vile miasma stats boost is increased by 50% while in shroud.
    • Corruptor's fervor: increase max number of vile miasma stack up to 10. Reduce incoming condition damage by 2% per vile miasma stack.

    Lower traitline:

    • Deathly rejuvenation: While under the effect of vile miasma gain 20 health per stack every second (work while in shroud)
    • Dark defiance: no change.
    • Unholy sanctuary: Healing while in shroud is change to "Incoming attacks have 50% chance to be glancing blows while in shroud".

    The idea is to use vile miasma as an extension of the shroud.

  • Nimon.7840Nimon.7840 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Dadnir.5038 said:
    Well, we all have our own view on how to put Death magic on the right track.

    Beyond the veil: no longer grant protection to the necromancer's minions. It now grant protection to up to 5 allies around you.

    This is definitely something, everyone would agree with, without being op.
    I proposed that as well xD

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