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Legendary Runes/Sigils Not Working(stats not stacking)

Just curious why content was released when its primary function does not even function?

After further testing: (2 legendary runes and 1 legendary sigil)
Legendary runes do not function as runes should, do not stack together, nor with other exotic runes.

Legendary sigils function sometimes. Example being I have my legendary sigil set to Malice, and I get my 10 percent gain to condi duration, then I head into wvw and I lose the 10 percent unless I manually select the rune stat again.

Just tinkered with the sigil more and it does not give me my stat bonus when switching rune stats via the new HUD. My condi duration is capped at 80 percent with exotic runes/sigils, using the legendaries I max out at 70 percent.

They are definitely not functional in their current state. Lots of potential but poorly executed content. Please address these findings.


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