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Achievement hunt for a stat swappable Exotic armor?

Give it ties to raiding and tell people this armor can be used to raid with.

Make it so its stat swapping power unlocks in a raid instance and your set for more new people for raiding.

This idea was sparked when Anet made the leveling weapons that level with you cheaper


  • Lorfi.7562Lorfi.7562 Member ✭✭

    just why?

    it is another bitchslap in the face of legendary raid armor that still isn't fixed for dye slots.
    Exotic armor is already incredible cheap, unless u need viper but that's more hassle than gold.
    not being able to swap runes would make statswapping useless af anyway, unless u want that too or get the legendary runes (but at this point ur better of crafting ascended armor).

  • Magnus Godrik.5841Magnus Godrik.5841 Member ✭✭✭✭

    This would destroy the already kitten exotic market on the trading post. Big no for this. You can buy an exotic power set of armor for less than 10g. Thats 5 completed dailies.

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