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How Did Rurik's Engagement Ring End Up on Ember Bay?

Just look at all the mountains and oceans and mileage between Ascalon and Ring of Fire.


  • @Konig Des Todes.2086 said:
    Prophecies plot. Rurik led refugees out of Ascalon towards Kryta, but was killed in the Shiverpeaks at the Frost Gate (roughly northern Lornar's Pass in GW2). He was then reanimated by Vizier Khilbron, an undead lich like Joko, and was forced to fight the player in the final mission, Hell's Precipice, which takes place a stone's throw away from Ember Bay.

    TL;DR Rurik's body was laid to rest near Ember Bay, that's how.

    Thank you! This is good. Looks like I totally missed the reanimation part. It is sad that he had to die twice though...

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