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Did Kralkatorrik know something we did not?

(This is all speculation). We were led to believe that Kralkatorrik feared a world without him. During the end of LS4 he stated that he didn't fear death or a world without him. I'm just wondering why did he try to stop the supposed prophecy/vision he had if he didn't fear the outcome of his vision. Is it possible Kralkatorrik was trying to stop something We don't know about? We know he had a mother, which potentially introduces the possibility of a higher power beyond dragons and gods. Is it his mother he was trying to stop? Was Kralk consuming the mists out of hunger (most likely) or was it possible he was trying to seal entrances and exits into Tyria. Also why did Kralk want to kill Aurene if he wan't afraid of her replacing him in his prophecy, was it instead something Aurene might unleash or do in the future. I mainly want to hear other people's thoughts on why Kralk did what he did.


  • @ErikTheTyrant.4527 said:
    (This is all speculation). We were led to believe that Kralkatorrik feared a world without him. During the end of LS4 he stated that he didn't fear death or a world without him. I'm just wondering why did he try to stop the supposed prophecy/vision he had if he didn't fear the outcome of his vision.

    He was trying to stop himself from getting you know, killed, he knew what the prophecy was, a world without him, which you know, would mean he would be dead, he wanted to stop that, and we made that prophecy come true.

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    Kralkatorrik lived for over 20,000 years. He knew a ton of things we don't.

    But anyways, as to why he tried to stop the prophecy... Arguably, he wasn't. Or rather, his mental process was the mindset where he couldn't really care about such - a mindset caused by the eons of pain from magical torment and never being all that good to begin with.

    Kralkatorrik wanted to consume and destroy everything because of that torment (and no, it didn't begin with consuming Zhaitan's magic despite popular misconception as this mentality is presented to us in the Edge of Destiny novel), and his family was among such. His original personality was overwritten eons ago by this torment that perpetuated insatable hunger. Why and how his old personality began to surface is unclear (leading theories being: the Forgotten ritual mentioned in PoF; his near-death state; or the fact Aurene and the Commander were inside Kralkatorrik's dimensional body).

    And he wasn't trying to stop anything either - besides the pain that tormented him. His sole goal was to consume and destroy everything that is not him and his corruption, in hopes that doing so, when he would be the last thing in existence, would bring an end to his agony.

    Glint and Aurene were ultimately threats to him that would prevent him from consuming all things. Without being in a sane state of mind, he didn't consider anything beyond "consume, corrupt, kill" and even his family that he shows to love falls under that mentality.

    Technically speaking, Glint isn't clear about what Kralkatorrik feared - be it a world without him, or rather a world where dragons and mortals coexist in peace. Either way, such a world could only be without him. Of course, if Kralkatorrik's words are to be believed, it wasn't fear that Kralkatorrik felt, but all the same he didn't want it. The question ultimately becomes: did Kralkatorrik not like a world of peace between dragons and mortals because he doesn't like mortals, or because it meant he'd be dead (and only accepted death after the grief of killing his daughter which he states he regretted)?

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    One possible interpretation here is that Kralkatorrik - or, at least, Kralkatorrik's sane side - never intended to prevent the prophecy from coming to pass. Instead, Saneatorrik was deliberately leveraging the self-fulfilling prophecy trope, taking actions that appear to be intended to avert the prophecy, but which actually serve to create the conditions which would cause the prophecy to come to pass.

    Torment, of course, did everything it could to prevent this. It's likely that Kralk had relatively few moments of true lucidity, but Saneatorrik might have had enough influence to trick Torment into doing things that would advance the prophecy, such as creating Glint.

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    If the writing we get on story was consistent, we might have known a lot more about why Kralkatorrik did what he did, and ehy he was the way he was.
    I hope we can get a good explanation for this weird event in War Eternal.

    At the moment I don't feel like speculating as this entire scene seems to be a "surprise, he knew it all the time and is omniscent, and we are killing the only one who knows the key to saving the entire world" kind of guy.

    To the point - I think we are about to see things we haven't thought of yet. I am curious about The Mother, but again - she was mentioned so briefly I can't even relate.
    Aurene took off. There is The Mother. Kralkatorrik knew things we could use and now he's dead (perhaps Aurene used some super-hybridize Joko-skill and now knows all that Kralkatorrik did).

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    It's been established that Elder Dragons can absorb the knowledge of those they corrupt, so it's possible that when Aurene claimed Kralkatorrik's heart, she also received his knowledge. I guess we'll find out over time.

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    In LS4 the history writers opened a room for a lot of stuff, when they linked the absorption of balthazar magic with the learning of "new tricks", specially powers about opening portals and teleportation, this "points out" that he absorbed some knowledge of balthazar.

    Which was not much clear whether if this new Kralkatorrik skills was cognitive(memories) or intuitive("woah i feel i had new powers"). In last chapter aurene shows that her know the balthazar "quote"(or a pray?), indicating that along with magic was absorbed cognitive knowledge too. so also now Aurene know a lot of stuff too, alongside with balthazar, also theres Joko knowledge.

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