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[NA] Firebrand looking for frens (A guild or duoq)

Aylpse.6280Aylpse.6280 Member ✭✭
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I am but a humble boon boi all by myself. Didn't quite make plat last season but I'm winning matches with top 250 players in unraked I guess. I have a shiny title from HoT ranked for hitting legendary. I don't know if that counts for anything. Generally just looking for people to meme with while I try to improve further. I have made leaps and strides despite all odds and my disability.

For guilds, I only really ask for a pvp focus, somewhat active voice where I can ask dumb questions and active during NA EST hours. For duoq partner I ask for gold3+ (Where I was last season.) and the ability to communicate on voice coms/discord. Contact me in game on Aylpse.6280 or Gael Fenice!