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Question about a metabattle build, Checking 'coz I'm Newb.

Liked this one out of all there: But would like to know if it's still current and I'm planning on going GS/Staff
Mainly because I like Greatswords and I'll stash a spare staff just in case
Any Tweaks needed? and any Ooh!, this would be good touches for a Sylvari? :)
Chosen for survivability, using both fave. weapons and simple rotation stuff, as my fingers don't work so good
Also is there anywhere out there a "for dummies" guide to setting up a razer tartarus for GW2? thought I would try that so I'm not quite so slow in fights
Thank you for reading and any help :)


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    There aren't really any noteable adjustments you need to make, and the metabattle page actually mentions the ability to use a greatsword for better mob tagging. You just need to be aware that a lot of your damage is condition-based, so your ambush attacks on greatsword will do substantially less damage than the ones on staff.

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  • Aah right, noted, GS for Fun/Big Stick for serious Thank you :)

  • I use a mix of that build and axe/ torch. I like to have something for melee range and something for ranged, personally. Plus, the staff works well for bosses. Jaunt in, confuse, skill 2 to retreat immediately.

  • Hmm, that's a good point, I think I'll build up a small stash of alt weapons just to carry around and learn, going to come in handy sometimes right?
    Atm I'm trying to knuckle down and level up a bit quicker, I tend to wander off and explore, then go read wiki/here and sometimes find myself watching Youtube for hours with the game still running, getting to the point where I'm thinking Hmm, a mount would be nice and I really must try some PvP, not my thing, well I don't think it is, it may turn out I do like it, and I like the sound of WvW, roamer sounds fun :), dreading making the armour etc. though, never been a crafter really, might have to hire someone to do it, or tell me how to do it :P
    Ah well, it'll all be done in a bit :D

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