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[EU] [PvE] Warriors on the Edge [WE] - a casual friendly new guild (with a dose of anime)

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Warriors on the Edge (WE) is a small, new PvE guild on the EU servers. At the moment we're growing slowly and steadily. And we’re still looking for active, casual and friendly players to help us grow and build a small community, whether you are new, returning or veterans. WE would like to build this guild with you. We also claimed Gilded Hollow as our home.

What our focus is

Our primary focus is on; open world pve (bounties, world boss run, lw help etc) and fractals - no matter what tier you're on, so feel free to ask in chat or discord. PvP, dungeon run will be based on how much interest there is, don't feel shy to ask either in chat or discord to do them. They will be secondary focus to the guild if sufficient interests are shown. We are starting to do WvW for guild missions. In order to participate, you need to be on the Vabbi server. PvP guild missions are also done, however this dependant on showing of members. We do have a discord channel, to help with fractals and guild missions. All that is required is you listen.

Who we are and what we expect

At its core, we are an anime/manga centric guild. However, that doesn’t mean non fans can’t join. WE welcome you regardless of whether you’re a fan or not. If you’re not a fan, that's cool, you might even be converted (hehehe). If you’re a fan, hey geek out with us. Tell us what shows you are watching or watched. WE are here to make new friends as we travel around tyria together. To do guild missions with us - we do them on Saturdays at 8pm CET.

These will be our rules and expectations for the guild:

  • Whilst we understand that you’ve joined various guilds. We do like to have you represent us every so often, in particular during guild missions. We are not strict on what you do. So long you spend some time with us, we want to build a community, that involves you!.
  • Unfortunately if you’re not active with no word for a month. You will be removed from the guild. It’s better to have a guild with active members, rather than a guild filled with inactive members. If you do need to take time off, speak to the guild leader/officers beforehand.
  • Leave drama at the door. WE have no time for drama. If a situation does occur, try to resolve it amongst yourselves away from the guild please.
  • Racial, sexual, bigotry, prejudicial or any form of harassment will NOT be tolerated. Keep religion and politics out of this guild please. Also try to keep chat free from swearing. We want to be an inclusive guild where everyone can feel safe.

To have a guild invite, send an in-game pm to:

notsodarling.8793 // Dzesidee#0638 (discord)

or these officers:
Dusan.8610 // Daedric#3563
Brynnyan.1402 // brynnborg#1675
Momo.9204 // MoMo#2487
or myself // CalamityO#7622 (O for orange)


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