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[EU] [PvE] Warriors on the Edge [WE] - anime centric, friendly guild - open world/fractals

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Hey up all!!!

Warriors on the Edge (WE) is a PvE guild on the EU servers. At the moment we're growing slowly and steadily. And we’re still looking for active, dedicated, friendly players to help us grow and build a small community, whether you are new, returning or a veteran. WE would like to build this guild with you. We also claimed Gilded Hollow as our home.

What our focus is

With the current crop of members we have, WE have decided as to what area of the game we will be specialising in.

  • Fractals of the mists: A number of our members run tier 4, on a daily basis. So if you're looking to do a casual run or are familiar with tier 4, then you're more than welcome to join us. For new comers or casual runners that are still on tier 1 and 2. A high ranked officer is willing to tutor you through the lower fractals.
  • Open world pve: For living world, personal stories, or just doing anything from meta events to world bosses. Our more casual member(s) can join you, as you journey through the world of tyria.

Guild Missions

  • Guild missions require representation - we do PvE missions on Saturdays at 8pm CET.

Discord will be used for fractals and guild missions. If you aren't the chatty type, then just listening will be fine.

Who we are and what we expect

At its core, we are an anime/manga centric guild. However, that doesn’t mean non fans can’t join. WE welcome you regardless of whether you’re a fan or not. If you’re not a fan, that's cool, you might even be converted (hehehe). If you’re a fan, hey geek out with us. Tell us what shows you are watching or watched. WE are here to make new friends as we travel around tyria together.

These will be our rules and expectations for the guild:

  • It would be appreciated if you rep & talk with us, members who will be active. We want to build a guild and a community, which involves you!. Otherwise there's no point in joining us, if you have zero interest in doing any thing with us, never rep us, joining then staying completely silent.
  • Unfortunately if you’re not active with no word for a month. You will be removed from the guild. It’s better to have a guild with active members, rather than a guild filled with inactive members. If you do need to take time off, speak to the guild leader/officers beforehand.
  • Leave drama at the door. WE have no time for drama. If a situation does occur, try to resolve it amongst yourselves away from the guild please.
  • Racial, sexual, bigotry, prejudicial or any form of harassment will NOT be tolerated. Keep religion and politics out of this guild please. Also try to keep chat free from swearing. We want to be an inclusive guild where everyone can feel safe.


notsodarling.8793 // Dzesidee#0638 (discord)

or these officers:
Dusan.8610 // Daedric#3563
Gigatra.1854 // Gigatra#7719
or myself // CalamityO#7622 (O for orange)