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Condi Mirage Rotation help.

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Hey guys.

This is my first time playing the mesmer class in general, so i am struggling a bit on learning the rotation of the class.
Took me almost 2 hours to learn the opening, but i have it down now. I just don't want it to take forever to learn the whole rotation; i was hoping that you guys can give me some tips on how to break it down into chunks for easier learning. This is the video of the perfect rotation from Snowcrows website.

Appreciate any and all the help.


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    Did you even check this out and description in the end of the page? Huuuuuuuuh?

  • I did check that page, that's where i got all my info.
    By "Description at the end of the page" you mean the notes? or the General rotation section?
    I read, and learned both. Thanks for the help, i almost got it.

  • Since you have the opening down, break your main rotation down into two sections: Shatter/clone generation and filler.

    Shatter/clone generation: Weapon swap, phantasm skill (pistol 4 or torch 5), two shatters during axe 2 - this takes some practice to get the timing with a 1/4 second delay between each shatter, then a deception skill (alternating Crystal Sands and Jaunt) for your third clone. That all takes place in about two seconds, so it's the majority of the difficulty in learning this build.
    Filler: Use up your dodges to get Imaginary Axe casts, including picking up the mirage mirror from Crystal Sands if you cast that a bit ago. Then you use your axe 3 and remaining pistol or torch skill before weapon swapping and starting the whole thing again.

    I found it easiest to get the shatter and clone generation down first while ignoring the filler. Make sure you're reliably getting two shatters in every time you go through it and you end up back at 3 clones by the time you cast Crystal Sands or Jaunt. Once you have the muscle memory down for that, you can start working on getting all your other filler skills in between those shatters.

    Follow the priority list SC has: F2/F1 first, then F1/F3, then F1/F4, repeat. If you're using this on a boss with periods of quick skill activation where you want to immediately get as high of confusion stacks as possible instead of pulsing them out for a steady average, you'll want to always use Crystal Sands with your F2/F1 pair to max that out and Jaunt with the other two pairs.

    The video on SC shows this rotation with a lot more added in, especially involving extra phantasms by using your heal signet. That's something to get used to working in as you get more confident in the build.

  • Use ambush everytime you can. Stay with all 3 clones for more damage.
    Use Sand Shards if you're out of stamina but can't swap weapons.
    Swap weapon and shatter. Use phantasm skill and Lingering thoughts + 3rd axe skill (confusion) and then Jaunt (confusion, you can teleport back to the stack). You will have 3 clones again.


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