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Few changes to balance Holosmith on PvP and PvE

JETWING.2759JETWING.2759 Member ✭✭✭

We've seen too many PvP and PvE players complaning about Holos, about Photonforge's skill spam AND some problems on Raids. Direct to the point, the goal are a middle place and solve both problems with few changes:

Heat could be better managed if the player get it not by get locked on Photonforge, but by using Photonforge's skills instead. Means that the base heat gain could be decreased from 2% to 1% per second, and the heat cost of Photonforge skills could be increased according with the skill.

By concept(by my own understanding), Overheat disables the Photon Projetor, then not the toolbelt skills should be disabled, but the entire Holosmith tree instead. Means that all Holosmith's traits and skills should be locked instead until the heat level reach to 0.
* Photonic Blasting Module could no longer count as overheat, but could count as a pseudo overheat instead. Means that when the heat level reach to 100%, the Holosmith could be forced out of photonforge without overheat, the heat level will stay on 100% until the Holosmith use the disengage photonforge skill to trigger the photonic blasting skill and start to loose heat level. Traits like prismatic converter and Solar focused lens could be trigger by this skill because the Holosmith did not overheated and did not got his photon projetor disabled.

The engage/disengage photonforge could no longer lock kits and the player on photonforge for 6s, but get their cooldown decreased from current value to 1s instead. This could improve the sinergy with kits and weapons to help PvE players without make the Holosmith over powered. Means also that engage/disengage photonforge no longer could count as toolbelt skill.
* Prismatic Converter and Solar Focused Lens could have their cooldown fixed on 10s.

To prevent skill spam and to improve the heat management, nearly all Photonforge skills could have their heat cost increased.
* Photonforge #1(Auto attack): Could have their heat gain increased to 3%, 3% and 4% respectively.
* Photonforge #2(Holo Leap): Could have his heat gain increased from 7% to 10%.
* Photonforge #3(Corona Burst): Could have his heat gain increased from 2% per pulse to 5% per pulse (max cos increased from 10% to 25%).
* Photonforge #4(Photon Blitz): No changes here.
* Photonforge #5(Holographic Shockwave): Could have his heat gain increased from 25% to 50%.


  • santenal.1054santenal.1054 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 11, 2019

    Yea, make photon forge skills make you gain alot of heat so that the skills get savored and used at an appropriate time and not just spammed (more like core engineer used to be played). I never liked the kit/weapon lockout design of the holosmith, Photon forge is currently what makes or breaks the spec, it is verry susceptible to be overnerfed due to a silly balance decision and the spec could be easily made obsolete as a result of that.

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