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Question about Helpful Hero achievement

I have a question about this one:

How exactly does it work? Wiki makes it seem like there are several locations to enter the rift but the location you enter does not matter. Only the time you enter. (Like: Every 20 minutes the event is in all the locations and the time matters for the times you get later.)

My main question though is: How to I get these items? I just completed an event and exited the portal (without dying) and the NPC does not give credit. Also the boss did not drop something and there was nothing ot interact in the rift instance map. Does it need some special requirements or something to do to obtain the lost items? I remember I did one before where it worked but I did nto pay attention as to what I did. Only see the credit (1 for item 1 for returning of that item) in the achievment window.


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    I had the same problem at first, I think it took me 2 or 3 attempts before I actually got credit for getting one of the items. I think the problem is there's a few different exit portals but only one will work.

    You can enter from any rift and you'll end up fighting the same boss and with the same item available as everyone else. The one slight benefit of going to a specific rift is that if there are more people there the event to open the rift will complete more quickly so you'll get more time inside.

    The items you need don't drop from the boss, they're sitting on a small island to one side of the main platform. With bigger ones like the golem you can see them from the main platform. After the boss is defeated a path of rocks will appear to that platform and a portal will appear next to the lost object. You need to jump between the rocks and go through that portal. The prompt to use the portal will say 'Escape with lost belonging' if you've got the right one.

    The portal will drop you off next to the NPC whose item was lost, and right where another rift will open up, so it will be easy to go back in and get the next one.

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  • I see. Thanks for the information. Unfortunately the wiki and other sources weren't really clear on this. (While usually good info is available for other/older content.) I was a bit confused since I looked ant thought it would appear somewhere with yellow text on screen (I have all text/names enabled) and when I didn't see It I just ran to the exit I first noticed.

    I think the jumping was mentioned somewhere. So I guess it has to be an exit not too easy to reach and best to look in the landscape for that. Also the "escape with lost belonging" tooltip when trying to exit seems helpful. I'll look for this next time.

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    If I'm not mistaken, for the achievement you must talk to someone/something (a Dolyak/other animal?) when you exit from the rift. I remember I had to repeat the first 3 rifts because I didn't know it. If you don't get credit, then probably you already talked to that animal/npc.

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