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Best order for charr revenant/other story choices

Your opinion on the best order Lorewise/storyline + interesting sidestuff for a charr blood legion revenant overall


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    I tend to think the orders are more a reflection of the characters personality than their profession, although their profession can also reflect their personality. How do they like to approach a problem? How would they react to the order reps arguing with each other? Would they agree with some of them and not others? My charr revenant is probably going to join the Vigil as a result of being raised in the Blood Legion. She likes a direct approach to problem solving...and also she's already wary of people distrusting her for her magic, so she doesn't want to do anything else to make herself seem suspicious.

    I picked the sorcerous sharman background for her, with the idea that's where she gets her affinity for magic but she's determined to prove that not all charr mages are dangerous and that magic can be combined effectively with martial tactics. She'll probably pick "causing someone to suffer" as her greatest fear for the same reason - she doesn't want anyone to think she's as callous and indifferent to her comrades lives as the Flame Legion.

    And I would probably say she'd choose to investigate the Grawl or the Ogres, except that my other charr already picked grawl and the ogre story has no choices and my norn has already done she'll probably get skritt. But if I wasn't trying to divide my characters evenly between the available options I'd probably pick ogre.

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    If we talk about "interesting stuff", it really depends (I prefer the Order of Whispers, more interesting and funnier quests). But if we talk about "the order that would fit better", I second the Vigil. I also chose Vigil for my warrior charr, raised in the blood legion. Those hotheads of the blood legions wouldn't be able to just sit and read a book of move around sneaky.
    (but my charr revenant joined the Whispers - he was Iron legion though, and gladium, so a loser.)

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    Rytlock wants you to join the vigil

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