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[Open World] Might stacking as core?

This is coming from someone who mostly plays Guardian and Warrior but has recently started playing a ranger.

I'm using GS/LB and would prefer not to compromise on the weapons. I can get a decent amount of fury up by landing disables and I know there's a pet out there that gives 5 might with its F2. Is our primary method having our pet crit/critting and using heal as one?


  • Krispera.5087Krispera.5087 Member ✭✭✭

    You'll need to use Axe/Warhorn, WHaO and Nature Magic to get 25 might stacks. Also, most likely, Beastmastery for Potent Ally.

  • Virtuality.8351Virtuality.8351 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 13, 2019

    Supposedly you are sticking with Greatsword and Longbow, "Strength of the Pack!" and "We Heal As One!" has good synergy. As a core Ranger with Greatsword, you might as well consider taking Beastmastery specialization for Resounding Timbre and Two-Handed Training.
    Also, Superior Rune of the Packs provides some decent Might stacks. There are other runes and sigils that grants you the buff as well if you need some other source outside of your build to make up the gaps.

  • As core, since your pet is always out and taking hits, taking the Guard utility is another (somewhat less efficient) way to build up to 25 might. Your pet takes a whole bunch of hits and gets might for it, then We Heal as One to copy that might to yourself. Before shouts got changed to commands, I had an extremely safe core ranger build I used to solo hard-hitting content, and the Guard > WHaO was one way to easily keep myself at 25 might.

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