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[NA] Guild Looking for Middle Aged Casual Gamers [Misthaven][MIST]

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Misthaven is a very small guild (less than 10) made up of older gamers. Most of us are in our 50's and we have male and female players. We focus on PVE mainly at this time. We are currently working on achievements, skyscales, requiem armor and such. We do like fractals and dungeons but we are a bit rusty.

We have an active discord, which we prefer members to use because we can't type and fight at the same time. I mentioned we are old, right? We get lost, distracted, die and hit the wrong skills but it's ok. We get the job done. We cuss, we fuss and yell at our characters because they won't do right. In other words, we have fun and don't take things too seriously. We are also stubborn and accomplish things in game.

We prefer people 40 and over in age but if you are young and like listening to older people making references to 70's and 80's music and movies, just let us know and we'll talk it over. We have one that is in her 30's and she puts up with us, so it could happen.

We have a guild hall that is getting close to completion and have a scribe. I think we celebrate our 3rd year guild anniversary in October and some of us have played together since GW1. We sometimes play a bit of the Elder Scrolls Online and we have a Misthaven there as well. All skill levels are welcome. We have mesmers that don't mind portaling you. We are all helpful and don't like drama. We don't expect each other to drop what they are doing to help, but we ask and those who can, will come or we schedule a date and time on the calendar. We play mostly Monday-Friday, 8 to 11pm eastern and off and on all weekends and holidays.

We aren't looking to make a huge guild. We just are hoping to find a few new friends to play with. If I said that on discord, jokes would be made. :) We aren't goofy all the time, I promise. Anyway, if you are interested, check out our website and put in an application, www.misthaven.shivtr.com. If you have questions, message me here or in game. Thanks!


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    If you are older and looking for a good group to play with, you'll never find a better bunch of people. :)

  • I'm interested. 45 years old, just back into the game after being away for a few years. I don't own any of the expansions but the plan is to pick them up during the next major sale.
    I have an 80 Guardian, currently leveling some other classes to get the feel again since I have been out of the loop for so long. Just trying to relearn the game.
    I'll be super-casual, I love to help out and just run whatever with actual people, but don't have a set gaming schedule and will have even less time starting in September. I'm not into the meta or power-gaming, don't need the best of the best.
    Also, my son is 12 and he has his own account, I've been playing a lot with him and he wouldn't have to join or anything like that, but he will want to group up with me now and again.
    If all of the above sounds good, let me know I'll apply.

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    Sounds like you'd fit right in! We'd be glad to have you. :)

  • Kyri.2093Kyri.2093 Member ✭✭

    If you are older and want a fun group of people to hang out with, check us out at www.misthaven.shivtr.com!

  • Hello, I'd be interested to join. Recently returned though and I don't remember correctly if servers matter for guilds.

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    Server only matters if you do WvW. Other than that, it isn't a problem. We don't do much WvW. Please fill out the application on our website so we can give you access to it and you can tell us a little about yourself. :) www.misthaven.shivtr.com Happy to have you!

  • Looking for a guild with older folks who enjoy getting together and doing some group activities? Or maybe just some company and warm conversation while you play? Misthaven just might be what you've been looking for! As Kyri said above, we're a fun group of people who enjoy the game and each other's company. Laughing, joking, and accomplishing things in the game as a group are some of the things we like to do. You don't need to be a pro-gamer, and you can even be new to the game or "rusty"; we will work together to accomplish any goal. And besides, where else can you fight Mordremoth, collect your loot, and learn a new recipe all at the same time? Are you a cat lady? Come on in, got several cat ladies here. Tired of those guilds with kids leaving their junk all over the guild hall... come on in! We make messes and let Kyri clean it up for us. Yep folks, Misthaven is... ( [SMACK] "ouch!" [BONK] "ok ok! sheesh!" ) Ehh, sorry about that. Uhh, Kyri won't clean the guild hall... but you can join up and help us clean it up! ( [SMACK] "OWW!" ) Ahem... I was kidding! Hehe, uhh, Leta cleans the guild hall, toilets, kitchen, etc.... and... [footsteps] uhh, well that's Leta coming now, gotta run! Come on and join the fun! Hope to see you soon! Byeee!!! [runs away...]

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