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[NA] LF Casual Guild

Hey all, I'm a returning player looking for a casual guild in NA. I've been gone so long that I might as well be a classified as a new player. Trying to find a good social group to help me get back into the game. Thanks!


  • Not an officer, but I can recommend VIP. They're a 5 guild community and don't require rep. There is always a bunch of people on day or night and they're a helpful bunch. They do guild events, boss trains, hp trains, meta events, WvW, and even raid training. They also have daily giveaways.

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    I run a prelaunch guild, Wardens of Destiny. We're helpful, friendly, social and we're on mostly in US evenings, but there's usually someone on all day. We're a medium sized guild with a small guild feel. If you're looking for people to show you the ropes and get you back into it, we'd be a pretty good fit. Discord is helpful but not required. Hope to hear back from you. Contact me here or in game if you're interested.

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