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Help with Bond of Faith

Hello, I am having issue with the mount skill Bond of Faith. Basically it does not work at all. It does share the utility skill key with my character's skill key (both use the C key) but BoF does not activate when pressing C. It will activate if I mouse over C and click on it.

I do not use the default key bind set up but rather came up with my own and have been using it since launch. All was well until unlocking BoF.

I have contacted support but after much back and forth we decided to pick the brains of the masses for similar issues/answers. Currently, I use a right handed mouse with 12 side buttons and utilize the left side of my keyboard (q,w,e,r,t,a,s,d,f,g,z,x,c,v,b) with z,x and c also used while mounted. I don't use the right side keys on the keyboard because it's tricky for me to use those and the mouse together. although I hope to retain my current up I am of course open to minor tweaks - provided they work with my keyboard/multi-key'd mouse.

I appreciate any and all help!




  • @Ronan.9518 said:
    Ok quickly checked something,
    Bound my Utility Skill 2 (standard key 8) to C. Worked without problem.
    Mounted used Bond of Faith didn't work.
    So far so good ( or bad).
    Mounts have a few own keybinds and as standard C is used for an action called Mount Ability 2. (which e.g. in case of the Griffon is used to ascend/pull up while in air if you are fast enough or in case of the Skyscale to descent).
    For most mounts this Mount Abilty 2 doesn't have a function and it seems that just nothing is happening.
    So I tested it with the skyscale and while both Utility Skill 2 (while mounted BoF) and Mount Ability 2 Bound to C, the result was that I would still descend using C.
    It seems Mount Ability 2 takes priority over Utility Skill 2 while mounted.
    After unbinding Mount Ability 2 I was able to trigger Bond of Faith with C.

    I followed what you did and rebound mount ability 2 to a number key on my mouse and it seems fine. Now I just need to remember to use the 1 key when ascending with the griffon, lol. But it's definitely a minor tweak!!

    If I understand you correctly, the issue tied in with the griffon ability to ascend?

    Thanks by the way!! :D

  • Wow! That's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes! And you explained it beautifully! You write so well that I never would have guessed English is not your first language. Thank you for taking the time to not only answer but to explain why it works as it does. It really helps me to understand the "whys and hows" of things.

    Sounds like you are having some fun playing with the layers via testing... which was a very good thing for me because you were able to answer my question so thoroughly!

    Thank you again, you've literally saved my sanity!

    Summer Raine

  • @Ronan.9518 said:
    Hmm how should i explain this.
    Well lets try...

    Wow! That was an excellent explanation! I think I had kind of intuited the basic shape of the "conflicts" but this made the system so much clearer!


    Lets take the Space-Key as example. As standard this is used in the general-layer as "Jump" in the" situational-layer Map" as "Recenter".

    I've been playing for nearly four years and hadn't noticed that function.

  • Ronan.9518Ronan.9518 Member ✭✭✭
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    Glad that I was able to help :)