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Will Anet ever address Mesmer's phantasm issue in Auric Basin's Octovine Meta?

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Mesmer phantasm has been useless when used against Octovine in AB since H.o.T. release till now(Almost 4 years already!). I remember there were thread talking about it before, but there weren't any official response.
Will Anet ever address this issue? Because as a Mesmer, the only contribution we can do is Auto-attack and attack using skills that aren't Phantasm and do the mechanic to remove Octovine's shield. Which I feel that it makes playing as a Mesmer in Auric Basin really boring.
If this is an intended design, then it is just a really bad design...


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    I don't think it's a specific issue with mesmers. I don't really play mesmer but I do know that other classes have things that can't really hit the octovine, like Dragonhunter traps. It's almost like it doesn't count as an entity so certain things can't target it. Would be nice to see it fixed though.

  • Deadeye's can't mark the octovine, either. I'm not sure how the hit box is placed, but somehow the model of the octovine is considered an obstruction for a lot of the hit-scan abilities.

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