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Not getting "Out of Combat" at all


I am starting to wonder if this is something others are experiencing as well. Ever since the balance patch a few weeks ago, I seem to run into the issue that I am not recovering at all.
This is happening on both my Reapers and it is starting to become a show stopper for me.

Not only is recovering any health during a battle a nightmare, after I defeated the enemy, it seems it takes forever and sometimes never to recover to the point that I can mount or Waypoint out. The biggest example being done with a combat in Silverwastes, not recovering and walking back all the way to camp resolve and still not recovering there. I had to log out and back in to recover.

Currently I have the same issue in Draconis Mons. I am done here, and am out of combat already ever since I started typing this message and am STILL in combat.

No conditions - no enemy nearby - full health - NOTHING on cooldown...

It is really starting to annoy me to be honest. 100% health + no conditions should bring me out of combat right away.

Ps, I have NO minions rezzed out, in case some wonder if one of those might still be in combat.


  • Have you tried a -repair to the client?

  • I have after reading your comment, and unfortunately that made no difference.
    The problems for me started when the recovering while in Reaper Shroud was changed. From that moment on, I often do not recover at all.
    And offcourse the problem I spoke about earlier. Being in combat with no conditions, no enemies, no health loss.

    I have noticed this problem does not occur on my other classes.

  • You can contact the CS Team via the 'Support' link above/below and 'Submit a Ticket' for assistance.

    Good luck.

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